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Our son, aged 41 collapsed whilst in Scotland on the 3rd July,

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Our son, aged 41 collapsed whilst in Scotland on the 3rd July, and was admitted into
hospital. On the 5th July he heart stopped beating for between 8.5 seconds, and he was diagnosed with having had a syncope attack. During the following week all tests including
CT scans, Echo soundings on the heart, blood tests and all other tests came back negative.
He is now waiting for an appointment at our local hospital. Unfortunately no one can tell us
or him or his wife what could have caused the attack. The weeks leading up to the attack
he was under a great deal of stress, was tired, and during the week prior to the attack
was in Scotland with a group of school children. During this week, he had slept little,
it was very hot and he is unable to take the heat, we believe became dehydrated, and
was up and down hills all day. Could the heat, dehydration, stress, lack of sleep have caused the attack. Physically has been told he is very fit, but psychology this has badly
affected him. How can we help and support him?
Hi This sounds like either heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke that he had. The stress he's had could have added to that. It sounds as though his heart is fine but just to be certain of that he needs to see a cardiology electrophysiologist for electrical mapping of his heart to rule out an arrhythmia problem which could also have caused the attack
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

All tests on the heart came back negative. Would you recommend a pace maker, bearing in mind his age, and how can we support him.

No, he doesn't need a pacemaker and the testing I mentioned hasn't been done as yet. As for support, he needs comforting with the stress and he needs to keep well hydrated with electrolyte drinks like juices and GatorAde
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