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Dr. D. Love
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i have had sore throat for many months, some difficulty in

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i have had sore throat for many months, some difficulty in swallowing sometimes and quite alot of phlem, very dry feeling in my throat and at times increased snoring
It will help if you could provide some further information.
Are you having any other symptoms, such as nasal congestion or heartburn?
What have you tried to relieve these symptoms?
Do you have any chronic medical problems?
Are you taking any chronic medicines?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no to all ur questions

Thank you for the additional information.

There are two common problems that should be considered in this situation.

Although infections are the most common cause of a sore throat of short duration, it is not as common for infections to cause chronic sore throat without other symptoms being present.

The most common cause of a chronic sore throat is allergies. Allergies can cause drainage into the throat and the chronic soreness. It also can cause snoring because of the partial obstruction of the upper airways that occurs with allergies.

The other common cause of a chronic sore throat is from acid reflux. Most people with acid reflux will have heartburn, but there are some people that present solely with throat or lung symptoms. If heartburn were present, this would be more likely, but since there is no heartburn, the allergies would be more likely, but acid reflux is still possible.

Although it would require a proper evaluation to determine the exact cause, another option that you can do at home would be to try over the counter medicines that may help ease each problem. For allergies, it would be appropriate to try an antihistamine, and for acid reflux, it would be appropriate to try a medicine to suppress stomach acid, such as Prilosec or Prevacid.

If one of these medicines help ease the symptoms, it is strong evidence that it would identify the underlying cause. If the symptoms persist, then it would be appropriate to pursue further evaluation at that time.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you for the information i will try acid approach first , are you confident there is no cancer type causes for my symptoms

It is uncommon for cancer to present with this combination of symptoms. However, it cannot definitely be said that cancer is not present until a proper evaluation is done or if one of the above medicines ease symptoms.
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