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Daniel Sheibley, MD
Daniel Sheibley, MD, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MD Grad Jefferson Medical College 2009. Internal Med intern 2010 & Radiology residency 2011. Husband & father of two.
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Hi, Ive been feeling full and bloated and burpy for a while

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Hi, I've been feeling full and bloated and burpy for a while and am worried I could have primary peritoneal cancer. I say this as I have had my ovaries removed due to endometriosis so know all the symptoms. I have a family history of ovarian cancer as well.
I have had my ca125 which is 15 and have had an internal ultrasound which showed no fluid.
I take 40mg of pantoprozole a day as I have a hiatus hernia.
I have also had endoscopy and colonoscopy recently which were fine. I am 46 by the way and just wondered if you think it could be anything nasty?
Daniel Sheibley, MD :


Customer: Hello
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Chances of this being primary peritoneal cancer are incredibly low, even given your history of cancer, however your Ca125 is only 15

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

99% of healthy women have values less than 35. Levels above 35 units are certainly seen in healthy women, but beyond the cutoff point of 35, the higher the value, the more likely there is trouble somewhere in the


Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Also, the cnace of it being from another cause such as gastroesophageal reflux or irritable bowel syndrome is far higher.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Given your history and your new symptoms you should have a contrast enhanced CT of the abdomen and pelvis though.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

That would put your fears to rest about primary peritoneal cancer specifically and also alleviate any worries about other problems causing your symptoms.

Customer: I had high levels before I had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed because of endometriosis. My highest level was 180. Since my surgery 3 years ago my ca125 reduced to 14 in january and has only gone up one point to 15, I am more concerned with my uncomfortable bloating and burping but i was hoping that with my ca125 level being quite low and I had a tvus which stated no free fluid, this would rule out primary peritoneal cancer but I do worry about these things a lot?
Customer: Do you think a normal ca125 and tvus with no free fluid means I don't need to worry about it being ppc?
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

That does not rule out primary peritoneal cancer, but that would be so very unlikely given just those symptoms you are having as there are far far more common other causes.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

I think given your new symptoms you should have a CT scan with IV contrast, not because I am worried about peritoneal cancer, but because these are new symptoms and a CT shows some things that the ultrasound and colonoscopy can not

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

So I am not concerned about malignancy(cancer) specifically, I just think it would be the next appropriate step for you to investigate your symptoms. Your physician may also persue treating/evaluating your for gastroesophageal reflux.

Customer: Iim taking 40mg pantoprozole for that but it doesn't seem to be helping.
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

They may try switching you to a different medication then. Some work for one person and not the other. There are many similar medications. Pantoprazole may just not be the one for you.

Customer: I am feeling very scared now as I was hoping with the tests I had done it would rule out anything horrible.
Customer: Thank you anyway
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

I'm not concerened about anything horrible.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

They ruled out the most horrible things, which is what you are concerned about

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

But a CT is simply far more diagnostic.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

You have some anxiety which is understandable gien your family history of ovarian cancer

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

And personal high CA125 levels

Customer: Ok thank you
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Your primary care doctor can order a CT

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Did I provide you a satisfactory answer to your question?

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