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Experience:  Family Physician for 10 years; Hospital Medical Director for 10 years.
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Hello, My name is ***** ***** from bipolar disorder.But

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My name is ***** ***** from bipolar disorder.But on the top of that I think I have hallucinations.well I am not sure if these are hallucinations. Let me explain.I smell people.I don't really feel any smell but when somebody is approaching me I behave as if I was smelling people.its very embarrassing.people avoid me.they feel uncomfortable too!!!and straight away when I do this I start to avoid people contact.I can't look in their eyes.I am very scared when I do it.It started five years ago when I experienced high level of stress.Especially I have smell when I see peoples feet.Now I had to leave my job because of that.People were asking me :why are you smelling me?I avoided eye contact.What it can be? Hallucinations??
This does not sound like hallucinations.
It is harder to prove hallucinations of smell, because scent is always more subtle, and some people are more sensitive to scents than others.
Have you had any times when you would see or hear things that people around you say are not present.?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no.Never.It's only smell.But I don'smell good or bad'just this behaviour as if I wanted to smell people.Well.That's what it looks like for people.They asking me why I am doing this so it is really true.It is not only in my head.It is my behaviour.Especially when I see people feet or shoes I start smelling.And I am getting scared straight away that they think I am not normal.It started five years ago when I thought that my feet smell.They did not but I was checking it every five minutes. After I started to smell people.! not to check if their feet really smell but I was moving my nose as if I was smelling him.Wherever I go people say:what is that smell?

This does not sound like hallucinations. It is difficult to prove that these are not hallucinations, but from the description, it sounds like they are not hallucinations. It does sound like it is more related to anxiety associated with the underlying bipolar disorder as well as the high level of stress that you have been experiencing.

At this point, it would be most reasonable to concentrate on treating the bipolar disorder and any associated anxiety, and there is a good chance that these sensations and behaviours will also improve.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

But even when I am not stressed I have this.It is happening every day.I searched on google that it can be halucinosis where u do realise that something is wrong.Is halucinosis different from hallucinations? what can I do when I avoid eye contact cos of that.Shall I stay in my room all the time?I am scared of people.I know that treating bipolar is long process-even years! is there anything I can do about it now?I'm on bipolar improved-no mania.just mild depression but this smell is constant.My medication does not help.I have been taking medication for over a year now.bipolar improved much but smelling is much stronger.Thank you for answer

Hallucinosis only means that a person has a condition that is characterized by the presence of hallucinations. If these are not hallucinations, then you would not have hallucinosis.

The primary thing that you can do is continue to pursue mental health treatment. Treatment may require counselling in addition to medicines. The medicines that you are taking may help with certain symptoms, but not others. Counselling also can be very effective at helping to improve certain behavioural manifestations, and particularly Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT). If the doctor that is currently prescribing your medicines is not a cognitive-behavioural therapist, he/she can refer you to an appropriate therapist.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I forgot to say that I already had CBT five years did not help!Ate there any efficient medication for severe anxiety?other than lamotrigine and quetiapine?

I will try to get more theraphy.

But if there is no medication for this smell does it mean I will struggle with it forever?

There must be something.I must add that because of this smelling I am experiencing social phobia.

Only alcohol helps me to behave a bit normal.I started to drinkna lot recently.I know I should not with my medication but my behaviour is really misterious.People don't understand and ask me questions.

Any medications for social phobia and anxiety?something strong if possible.I can't live like that.Thank you.

There is no medicine for this smell. There are only medicines for the underlying condition that is causing the sensation and behaviour. There are many medicines for anxiety and bipolar disease, such as lithium and valproic acid, but it would be impossible for me to recommend a specific medicine without performing a proper assessment or to predict what medicine your doctor will prescribe. Alcohol will clearly make this problem worse in the long term. It sounds like you need to discuss this with your doctor to consider other medicines and a referral for further therapy.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you.I am going to discuss changing meds with my doctor.I'm having an appointment in a week.

Very good.
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