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Dr. D. Love
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Hi I have recently been diagnoses with Hepatits B.I have taken

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Hi I have recently been diagnoses with Hepatits B.I have taken several test to make sure I was positive and I also took PCR test in IRAN and result came out to be "HBV-DNA PCR 43/37 IU/ml" But I could not get it interpreted. So I took another test in Turkey.
The rusult is:
Test linearity Limits are 1.1- 4 x 10^9 IU/ml. And 1 IU/ml HBV is 8.21 copies/ml.
Would you please tell me what this result means? Many Thanks
Hello again.

I would be glad to assist you, but you never provided a positive rating for the last answer that I provided (at

If you find my previous assistance helpful, it would be good to provide a positive rating for the first question and I would be glad to continue to assist you. If you do not find my assistance helpful, then I will defer.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Dr Love you were very detailed and provided as much info as possible. please send me a link where II should rate your help.

You would need to go to the question noted above. If the options for rating are no longer available, you may need to reply to me again so that I can respond and open the rating system again.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Very good. Thank you very much.

Now, to address this new lab report. The information that you typed is incomplete.
Could you enter all of the information on the report?
Or, even better (if it is in Eglish), could you scan the report and attach it like you did with some of the reports on the previous discussion?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

its in Turkish but I translated some terms as good as I can

Thank you for translating the key portions of the report.

The portion that you included above was only useful for the validity and interpretation of the result. The range of linearity indicates the range within which results would be valid, and the 1 IU/ml is approximately 8.21 copies/ml is the equivalence between the two reporting methods. If two tests have been done at different labs, and one report is in IU/ml and the second is in copies/ml, this ratio is necessary to be able to compare the two results.

However, the interpretation of the report is actually the number that is stated below the "Result", which in your case is 4.0 x 10^2 and the comment to the right of this number that notes that this is considered to be "Negatif" (which I would assumes translates to negative).

The number of 4.0 x 10^2 is a way of being able to write large numbers. During active infection, the result is typically in the thousands and millions, and rarely in the billions, so the results are written in scientific notation. Many printers cannot easily write superscript, so 10^2 is the same as 10², or 100; and 4.0 x 10^2 is 400. during active infection, the results are much higher, with moderate levels beginning at 10^4 (or 10,000) IU/ml and high levels at 10^5 (or 100,000) IU/ml.

So, this report is a good report, indicating a low level of DNA that is at the level that is considered to be negative by the lab method used for this report.

Most people with hepatitis B will improve spontaneously, with high viral levels during the active infection that subsequently subside. It is only a small percentage that continue to chronic infection and continue to have high levels of the virus. Since this lab shows that there is not any persistence of high levels of the virus, that is a good sign that you are in the group that improve spontaneously.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Dr Im so relived Thanks for your detailed answer.

How accurate are these tests.

I have recently start feeling dull discomfort where my liver is. And ultra sound results showed that I have a little fatty liver. Im 200 pound (88 kg) ad 6 feet (183 sm).What should I do in this case. Should I be concerned about the dull filling on my liver (approximately that area). Out of ten how worth is my hepatitis b. am i going to be cronic for all my life?I did not understat the negative written on the test. Is that something good?

Generally speaking, these labs are very accurate, and are likely also very accurate in Turkey, although I don't have direct knowledge of the quality of medical facilities in Turkey.

Even though the viral load is negative (and yes, that is good), it does take some time for all the effect of the infection to clear up. Regardless of whether an infection is caused by viruses or bacteria, it is common after a significant infection for it to take some time for all the residual effect of that infection. This residual discomfort may be related to the fact that the effect of the infection has not fully recovered.

Since the viral load is negative, that would typically indicate that you will not be chronically infected.

However, if the discomfort persists, there will be a point at which it would be appropriate to consider whether another problem is causing the discomfort, and yes, fatty infiltration of the liver that is causing irritation and inflammation of the liver should be considered. The primary initial management of fatty infiltration of the liver is eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and achieving ideal body weight.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

many thanks

You're welcome.