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I have a 20 year old son who has a lengthy medical history.At

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I have a 20 year old son who has a lengthy medical history.At 10 days old he had contracted streptoccal septecemia,2 months old he had hydrocaphalus and had a vp shunt inserted and has since had it reviwed several times.At 8 months old he suffered with salam attacks for which he was treated with steriod injections which were a success until 3 years ago. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and had been treated with 100mg lamictal which was then increased to 200mg.Due to possible side effects his neurologist decided to decrease the lamictal by 100mg gradually and introduced a new medicine epilim chrono which was increased gradually up to 900mg.There was no real change in side effects so they have now decided to withdraw the lamictal altogether gradually and he is now sleeping quite a lot in spells during the day.He has always seemed somewhat distant and i recently requested a referral to a brain injury team to which without assessing him they thought he was a possible recreational drug user.I lodged a complaint about this as no doctor has actually assessed him and i can 100% guarantee you he does not use drugs of any sort only his prescribed medication.We are now at our wits end with him as we dont know what to do next he is currently waiting on a ct scan in 2 weeks time to see what is possibly going on.Any opinions you may have would be appreciated as we now just dont know what to do for him.He was seen 8 months ago by a psychiatrist and they ruled out any psychiatric problems. Many thanks.
Hi--can you tell me more about what your concern is? You mentioned his being distant and sleeping during the day but I'd like to know more about this
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We are concerned about his behaviour now and the past 2 years he is nearly a totally different person he is moody,angry,agitated,frustrated,he is quite antisocial as no-one can be bothered with him,argumentative. His medication has got his seizures well under control thats the only good thing its just he has been pretty unbearable to live with this last 2 years and he was previously never like this.Is this what epilepsy entails?

OK Martina. How much time did the psychiatrist spend with him and I know you basically said this but did he actually think he was fine? And did he know about what you've just told be about his behavior?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She spent a good hr and half with him asking him a lot of questions i was present during the assessment and i thought she was very thorough with him and she thought that he was okay and if he had any further concerns to come back to them.We personally dont think that he is depressed as he does go out and does enjoy some activities we are just back from holiday and he seemed to enjoy himself. Other members of both our families have also noticed a remarkable change in him over past few years they think that he appears very distant its as if he is in his own world. The psychriatrist was aware of all this behaviour and they suggested it to possibly be the medication.

OK Martina. From what you've told me I think all this is a side effect of the epilim and I'd consider switching him to either Tegretol or Keppra. He needs to discuss this with his neurologist
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