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I take aripriprazole 20mg and have been for 7 years could this

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I take aripriprazole 20mg and have been for 7 years could this cause a heartbeats of between 100 and 125 regularly with breathlessness I also take lamotrogine reboxetine tamoxifen meteor in glicazide lisinopril and bendroflumethiazide. I had an angiogram which showed no heart problems I am a 59 year old female weight 11st 10 which has reduced over the last 2years from 15st height 5'2". I have been reducing the lamotrogine from 350mg to150mg per day from the last 6 months. My heart beat is also very fast at night in bed
Hi. Potentially the lamotrigine could be the problem but if you haven't had an echocardiogram and a Holter monitor to check for arrhythmia problems I'd get those. You might need to be on a beta blocker to treat the rhythm problem
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I had an echocardiogram which read ok said normal coronary arteries r dominant system mild calcification in LAD no significant stenosis seen
This wouldn't be a blood flow problem in the arteries Helen but it could be an arrhythmia which is why I mentioned the Holter monitor.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I also have pain in my neck and back and down my arms and in my jaw which is why they did the angiogram also a family history of heart problems. I have a compression wedge fracture in the T6 vertebrae could this be causing the pain. I have taken note of the moniter and will go back to my doctor thanks so much for info would be interested on your opinion of pain also
Yes Helen, that fracture could cause the pain but do could a cervical spine disk problem so I'd get an MRI of your neck and thoracic spine to look for that. Let me know how it goes and please remember to rate my service to you
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