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Hi am I at risk from HIV from giving oral to a man for

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Hi am I at risk from HIV from giving oral sex to a man for a minimal amount of time eg 2 mins, if ejaculation didn't occur in my mouth. Minimal pre ejaculation fluid was present if any at that time??
Hello from JustAnswer.

The risk from this encounter would be extremely low, although the specific numeric risk is uncertain.

The average risk from a single encounter of providing oral sex to a man that is known to be HIV positive is 0.01%. If the male is of unknown HIV status, then the risk would be even lower, depending upon the likelihood that he would be HIV positive, which would depend upon the prevalence of HIV in the community and the males previous sexual history.

This risk is for a completed act of oral sex, so a partial act would contain much less risk, particularly since there was no ejaculation and minimal pre-ejaculate fluid. It is impossible, though, to be able to perform a study to determine the level of risk associated with only a minute or two of oral sex. So, it certainly would be much lower than the risk of a completed act, but the exact numeric risk would be impossible to determine.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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