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Around 3weeks ago i started hearing voices whispering about

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Around 3weeks ago i started hearing voices whispering about me i ignored them & now they are shouting at me most of the time to do things that are bad & i shouldnt be here everyone is talking about me out to get me, i have no emotion & feel empty my mood has hit a very low state although i dont feel depressed or stressed iv lost interest ineverything inv family um seeing crisis team who keep saying im depressed but i know im not they say im aggitated & paranoid with psychosis but crnt seem to tell me what else. There has not been any big changes in my life but i feel like a puppet being controlled by these 2 voices tellin me what to do or else. Please can you give me any idea of what could be happening to me
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This sounds like schizophrenia
It is characterized by withdrawal, flat mood and hallucinations
Have you been evaluated for this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No as yet i should be seeing a psychiatrist tuesday but so far its like everyone is trying to fob me off as depression

depression is a part of schizophrenia sometimes but I believe you more so fit the bill for full blown paranoid schizophrenia
you need to see a doctor ASAP for this.
there are medicines that can help
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is not having any emotion at all & not even being able to touch my daughter in fear of hurting her also part of this & will i be able to return to my job im currently signed off

yes absolutely
flat affect is what that lack of mood is
you might be able to return depending on how effective the meds are for you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Will the psychiatrist be able to properly diagnose me then instead of just being told psychosis & depression even when i have said to crisis team i dont know how much longer i can block them out for as they are getting more frequent & louder

yes, they will be able to
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