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hi, i went to my local GUM clinic yesterday due to my apparent

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hi, i went to my local GUM clinic yesterday due to my apparent BV infection.
I was examined by a doctor who confirmed I did have BV, and also due to light lower tenderness gave me antibiotics for PID and she kind of suspected i have chlamdia.(which i don't believe i have)
i have done the worst thing possible and googled PID and obviously been presented with the instant articles on making you infertile etc.
can you put my mind at ease at all?
Hello form JustAnswer.

The risk of infertility in this situation is quite rare.

It is true that PID is a possible cause of infertility, but the risk of infertility is greater with more severe infections. Therefore, it is also true that an infection of lesser severity has a lower risk of infertility, and an infection that is at most only a possible PID would have the lowest risk of infertility.

One of the reasons that the doctor wanted to cover for possible PID in this situation is to try to avoid a more severe infection, which also will minimize the risk of any of the complications of a more severe infection, such as infertility.

The risk is so low at this point, that there is no reason for you to be concerned. The risk of infertility in this situation is very low to start with, and the use of antibiotics with only light symptoms is the best intervention to avoid the worsening of infection and the subsequent risk of infertility.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks. So if i take my two week course of antis, and it comes back that i did have PID but it has cleared up, then it will still not necessarily cause issues?

It would be extremely unlikely that it would cause any issues.