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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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Please help me. I have a lot of pain from one ear (not able

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Please help me. I have a lot of pain from one ear (not able to lay on it at all) which has resulted in a sort of 'crust' at the very top and a pink swelling like a blister beneath which appears to contain a yellow puss. This has been relevant for many weeks now and local doctors gave me 2 diferent creams to use , Hydrocortisone and also Fucidin - neither of which has made any difference.
I am disabled, very unstable on my legs and also have very poor sight so cannot go around looking for help.
Your response would be so much appreciated. Thank you
E Bennett - mrs.
Tel: 01661 842114.
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Dr. David :

you could have a bad skin infection there like a MRSA skin infection which is resistant to Fucidin

Dr. David :

or you could have a skin cancer at the very top of the ear

Dr. David :

skin cancer of the ear is most common at the helix or very top of the ear

Dr. David :

you need a proper skin biopsy of the area to rule out skin cancer and a good skin wound culture to check for MRSA skin infection or other possible skin infections.

Dr. David :

MRSA is methacillin resistant staph aureus bacteria which could be causing the crust and pink swelling and blister.

Dr. David :

have you been out in the sun a lot during your lifetime?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I see.

I know you are disabled and have poor site, but you do have to make your way to see your GP doctor who can culture the area to see if you have a MRSA antibiotic resistant infection on your ear causing the crusting and swelling.

I asked if you have been in the sun a lot during your life time

if so, you could have a skin cancer on the top of your ear causing the crusting. you would need a biopsy of the area to see if you have a skin cancer.

are you able to see a doctor face to face in the UK?