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I want to know if I am suffering form depression, I have been

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I want to know if I am suffering form depression, I have been in uni for the last two years now and me feeling low has become a daily battle, I sometimes cant seem to get out of my bed cause I just feel so low. I feel like there is no point for me to even leave my bed, but when I am in bed I cant sleep cause all I think about is me failing uni and there's nothing for me after this, is there a point of me even living. Stupid thoughts go through my head and when I do pick myself up enough to try and snap out of that mood and go into university do my work socialize, but end up back in to the depressive state cause it just feels like I am faking being happy. It got really bad at the end of last year so bad that when I would try studying I would feel so emotionally drained that I couldn't study for my University exams I would try and go to the library with friends try and study but all that would go through my head would be that I cant do this. I am just gonna fail my exams but it not that i cant do the work cause other times when i am in a better mood i can do the same work very easily. Even my friends have noticed but they don't realise how bad it actually is they just think I have weird sleeping pattern cause i stay in my room most of the time. there's so much more to tell but basically i ended up failing my exams last year because of this and had to do resits the only reason i got through my resits barely was cause i was home (which calmed me a little)and even though i didnt tell my parent that i was feeling low i would say i was alright, but second year it got so much worse than first year so bad that i have suicide thoughts a lot more, even when i went into uni i wouldnt,couldnt really talk to anyone anymore in my classes i would go to my lectures and go home when i did study i would just feel like i am to stupid for this and i am just gonna fail anyway why am i trying, It got so bad i didnt even go to one of my exams this year cause i had such bad anxiety and i had periods during my exams were i didn't even eat for full days, cause i didn't want to leave my room and face anyone.
So i ended up failing all my exams cause of this this year to so i am doing my resits now but i am having the same feeling and same thoughts and i am havnt to try extra hard to try and concentrate just to pick up the information, i feel like i might have failed 2 of my resits cause i had the same problems and i had such bad anxiety i bought calms tables to see if they would help didnt. If i could i was wondering if i could retake my second year again and go to some kind of counselling to with my depression , is this a case for extraneous circumstances.
Hi. What you're describing is indeed a major depressive disorder and it sounds as though it's what I call a chemical imbalance depression--a neurotransmitter problem and not a situational or circumstantial problem. But it sounds like although it began that way, since it caused you to do so poorly in school that just added to the mix. I strongly suggest you see a psychiatrist for evaluation, therapy sessions and antidepressant medication like Zoloft or Prozac if it's deemed necessary. Once you're on the right track you should be able to return to school and do well
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Thank you

My pleasure but let me know how it goes and please remember to rate my service to you Sunil