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Dr. K.
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i have been trying to lose weight so badly for 3 weeks now!i

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i have been trying to lose weight so badly for 3 weeks now! i have tried not eating too many carbs and sugar, and eating more protein with my meals. i am 49 and starting to have menopausal symptoms "hot flushes" in my face several times a day. i think i am insulin resistant as no matter what i do, i dont seem to lose weight - i am 1.65m and weight 89kg, and my weight has been like a yo-yo for the last 4 years. i am at my desk most of the day, and dont do any excercise - i know i should but have so many things to do when i get home that i am so tired to even think of exercise! i went for blood tests and they found my cortisol hormone (7) was too high, but i manage to control my stress now. can you please give me some idea of what to eat, as i am so confused, reading high protein diet is great (tim nokes diet) and then the low gi is the right one, then the mediteranian one is the best! help me please, i would love to be 70kg by my 50th birthday!

i would love you to help me with a good balanced diet, and maybe advise as to if i need any other supplements.

breakfast usually is muesli with youghurt; or 2 boiled eggs.

at around ten i snack on a granola bar or energy bar or a raw carrot.

lunch is "biltong" "jerky as the americans would call it, or baked beans and and 4 brown rice cakes;

dinner is bangers + mash + peas; or fish, rice and salad;

or meatballs / rice + salad/veg

and around 8.00pm a treat (either a oats crunchie or matsos

with marmite and cheese or provitas. and an orange.

i dont eat bananas as they cause flatulence

i dont drink soda cooldrinks - only weight watchers slimsy orange.

what am i doing wrong, why cant i lose weight.

Dr. K. :

Hello, this is Dr K.. Answers are not medical advice and do not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. I look forward to helping you today.

Dr. K. :

A high cortisol level can be due to adrenal insufficiency Consider seeing an endocrinologist who will test you for this.

Dr. K. :

In addition, be sure you have your thyroid tested.

Dr. K. :

Unfortunately for most women near menopause, weight loss is hard, since metabolism slows. Often caloric intake must be about 1200 cal per day for weight loss to occur.

Dr. K. :

A mediterranean diet is both healthy and effective for weight loss.

Dr. K. :

But portion control is key. check out the WebMD program. It allows you to record all your caloric intake for the day.

Dr. K. :

You must measure everything.

Dr. K. :

You could also check out the book Eat Sleep Move. It helps you understand how other factors in your life impact weight loss I hope this gives you a start.

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