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Hello. On thursday my 23 year old, healthy daughter ate some

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Hello. On thursday my 23 year old, healthy daughter ate some celery and immediately complained that it had got stuck in her throat. She drank water to clear it to no avail. She then began to cough up blood; not much but an indication that perhaps she had a tear in her escophagus. She continued to have problems swallowing and the pain seemed to get worse - causing a burning and squeezing sensation across her chest if she tried to swallow soft food. Monday it was too difficult to eat breakfast. I took her to the doctor who said it was probably a scratch and that it would clear up in a few days. the amount of pain my daughter is in made me want another opinion. She is on stronger painkillers but should I be worried? Thanks Mum
HI. Just one question here--did the doctor thoroughly examine her throat as far down as he could look and, if so, did he see anything like a scratch? How is she doing today
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The Dr did look down her throat. She found nothing; or rather mentioned nothing. She listened to her breathing with a stethiscope. She prescribed stronger painkillers.

Well she cant eat - even cold soup at present. She is in bed. Every time she swallows she bursts into tears. Can I do anything to allieviate her distress? Dr seems confident that even though the pain is worse today and the swallowing now very difficult that this is to be expected and after a few days nature should take its course and heal 'the scratch'....mum

OK. I fully disagree with her doctor here. A mere "scratch" should have fully healed by now and she needs immediate attention. She need to see an ENT specialist who can put a scope down her throat and see what's going on here. She may have more of a tear than just a scratch and it needs to be evaluated and she might even need surgery to repair it. While she could be prescribed viscous lidocaine--a local anaesthetic syrup--to numb the throat, I'd be concerned that that might cause aspiration of food or liquid into her trachea and she wouldn't have a gag reflex to cough it back up. She needs to see the doctor again right away and hopefully she will be seen quickly thereafter by an ENT
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you! Instinct of a mother felt the GP's diagnoses was not sufficient.

I have booked my daughter in for an appointment with an ENT consultant in Harley Street today at 3 pm for an endoscope examination.

Your advice was extremely helpful and I am very grateful to you.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Just to add that since you gave me your medical advice Re: my daughter's distress. The London Clinic consultant I rushed her to performed an endoscopy and found 30 cm of ulcerated oesophagus! She was admitted into hospital on Tuesday morning straight after the endoscopy through A& E and has spent the past 6 days recovering on various forms of medication.


I feel aggrieved with the GP's negligent assessment and very grateful to you alerting me to the seriousness of what was indeed a serious complication.


Again, many thanks. Fiona Gaunt ( mother)