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Me and a girl were laying in bed and had the odd cuddle.

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Me and a girl were laying naked in bed and had the odd cuddle. I felt the tip of my peons was wet with either my middle finger, or the finger left of that. At this point I pulled the covers back and put on my jeans Andy top. I then went back to the bed and my the girl I was with put on a top and pyjama bottoms. We hen started to kiss and she touched herself until ejaculation. I then placed one of my fingers as stated above in to her vagina for 3-3 seconds before taking or out. I think I would have wiped my pre cum when getting dressed as my clothes were heavy, but she is fertile at this time. How likely is it that she is pregnant?
Dr.Amita :


Dr.Amita :

Welcome to justanswer

Dr.Amita :

Chances of her getting pregnant with this alone are near zero

Dr.Amita :

For all practical purposes nil

Customer: Is that because I got dressed etc? I thought it was possible to get a girl pregnant with pre cum? I thought I was ok I was just really worried and so is she.
Dr.Amita :

It is possible to get pregnant by precum if you have been having intercourse.If you have just a drop of it on your finger and you insert it in her vagina chances would be very small but not zero.If you have been wearing clothes it is certain that you would have wiped the finger tip onto some cloth and lost the precum .After that if you insert finger in vagina for 3 seconds it should not cause any introduction of sperm into her vagina.

Customer: Ok thank you very much. Have a good day
Dr.Amita :

Have a good worry free day

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