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Certain movements cause pain on the left underside of my left

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Certain movements cause pain on the left underside of my left wrist. It first started about 7 years ago and I did not play golf for 5 years; then I had two cortisone injections about 9 months apart. These seemed to clear the pain and I started playing golf again with no reaction in July 2013. I must have played 20 times this year until a few days ago when I began to feel the discomfort in my left wrist again and had to stop after 9 holes.
I am 68 years old and otherwise in good health. It may not be relevant but (I think) I broke my left wrist playing rugby 50 years ago
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
Most likely this is carpal tunnel syndrome
I would get an EMG (nerve study) of your arm.
This will show nerve impingement.
You have tried everything conservative so surgery is your next option. It will likely result in opening of the carpal tunnel
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your reply.

I am little bit surprised at your diagnosis because two different consultants who examined me at St John's Hospital, Livingston near Edinburgh never mentioned Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - a condition I had heard of but did not know about in any detail. And neither did two of the doctors at my GP's surgery mention it as a possibility. I got the impression that the consultants tried cortisone because "it sometimes works".

However, you may well be right. I would add that In my original query I mentioned that certain movements caused pain - but it is difficult to think of them until they actually "happen" - and when I was boiling some water at lunchtime it was quite painful to lift the pan with my left hand to pour the water into a cup. (I am mainly left-handed but only about 60-40, although I play(ed) golf, cricket and throw right-handed).

Do you have any further comments in the light of the above?

Also, if you remain confident that it is likely to be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome how do I approach my GP diplomatically? Because I can appreciate that they are not too keen on patients who quote the internet about their condition. Having said that, I suppose it must be fairly common these days.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, I do remain confident because nothing else has shown a diagnosis or really worked and your symptoms can be explained by it
I would simply ask the question. The key is to ask and not demand testing or therapy
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