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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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I have parethesia in the right hand chiefly, and left hand,

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I have parethesia in the right hand chiefly, and left hand, feet and toes eight and left, combined with lightening bolts of pain. My touch in my hands and feet I register in degrees of pain. A senior neurologist and a consultant bone surgeon are stumped. Please can you help?. Thankyou.
Hi How long has this been going on and do you have any other medical conditions? What tests and studies have been done to evaluate this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have had this condition for four months and i have been on massive amounts of trammadol50-100prolonged release,culminating in 1200mg a day!!!!!this is not normal SURELY?...: PLUS 100mg of nortriptaline this is not an eggageration unfortunatley,also this combination i have had use four two and a half months.

OK James but what about blood work, scans, etc--any studies you've had?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

In 2007 I had something they put down to parathesia. It made my hands a nd feet curl and contort overnight. It took over and hour for me to coax them into life. Warm water did not help much.

Again, nerve conduction tests and MRI were inconclusive. I am on the merry go round again.

No one has seen fit to take bloods lately, or examine my neck by whatever means, as I have two fused vertebrae:(

Sorry but you didn't mention the nerve conduction tests nor the MRI before--when were those done? And, again, do you have any other medical conditions?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

MRI and nerve conduction tests were done in 2007. No other medical conditions other than arthritis in my left ankle that I have had since childhood, due to an untreated greenstick fracture aged 10. This was discovered in an X ray when I was 37.

OK James, and we can continue after this if you'd like. All I can do here is give you my thoughts and what I might do if you were my patient. I'd get an MRI of your entire spine and repeat the nerve conduction studies to check for a disk problem or something called spinal stenosis--a narrowing of the canal that the spinal cord passes through. I'd also get blood work to look for autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis--that would include antinuclear antibody, rheumatoid factor, sed rate, and C reactive protein. I assume you've been checked for diabetes but if not I'd check that as well as your vitamin B12 levels, magnesium levels, and calcium levels. Finally, this could be fibromyalgia for which there are no specific tests but that diagnosis can only be made when all the other possibilities have been ruled out.
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