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How does one treat food poisoning in a child. Symptoms are

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How does one treat food poisoning in a child. Symptoms are stomach ache, vomiting and diohrea
Hello from JustAnswer.
It will help if you could provide some further information.
How is it known that this is from food poisoning?
The most common cause of a stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhoea would be a viral infection.
There are also several different kinds of food poisoning.
Is it known what type of food poisoning is present?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No its not known what kind of food poisoning. He simply ate a takeaway pizza and an hour later started complaining of a stomach ache. He went to the toilet at which time it was solid. Pain eased slightly and he slept off. He then woke in the middle of the night threw up twice and went to the toilet again and this time it was runny. We assumed its food poisoning. He hasnt thrown up or been to the toilet fir a few hours but still has stomach pain. What do you suggest we do
Thank you for the additional information.

Statistically, it is most likely a viral infection of the gut, called a gastroenteritis. There are far more cases of viral gastroenteritis than food poisoning. It is common for a viral gastroenteritis to cause a person to be sensitive to food, so it is common for the first symptoms of a viral gastroenteritis to follow a meal.

The characteristic that most would raise concern that there is food poisoning is if multiple people get sick after a meal. If other people also ate this pizza and developed symptoms, then that would be suspicious for food poisoning. Of the various food poisoning, there are two general types, those that are due to a germ that causes an infection in the human, such as Salmonella, and those in which the germ grows in the food and creates a toxin that causes the symptoms in the human, such as from Staph. When food poisoning symptoms develop quickly after eating, that is more typical for a toxin based food poisoning.

So, this is most likely a viral gastroenteritis, but if multiple people have gotten sick, it would be worrisome for a toxin-based food poisoning.

Actually, management for a viral gastroenteritis and a toxin based food poisoning would be similar. Antibiotics do not help either condition, as there is no bacteria growing in the gut causing the symptoms with either condition. Consequently, management is oriented towards relief of symptoms and assurance of hydration. It is appropriate to avoid any solid food or dairy products until the symptoms improve. Clear liquids are usually what is best tolerated, both from the perspective of avoiding vomiting and easing diarrhoea, and will also help to assure hydration. It is OK to use paracetamol to help with the stomach ache. If there is any vomiting despite changing to clear liquids, then the best over the counter medicine to take would be an antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine.

With these interventions, the symptoms will usually resolve spontaneously, but there are a few people that may have persistent symptoms despite these interventions, and it would be appropriate to see his doctor.

So, avoidance of solid foods and dairy, drinking clear liquids, and using the paracetamol for the stomach ache are the primary interventions. An antihistamine may be added, if necessary.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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