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Hello there, I was recently in hospital for 5 days. My CRP

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Hello there, I was recently in hospital for 5 days. My CRP level was 204. I had tests for everything yet it all came back negative. They put my sickness down to acute tonsillitis as my lymph nodes where very swollen, where I found it very hard to eat and drink as it was very painful.
My question is, is it possible to have a CRP level of 204 with acute tonsillitis?
I also came back from a trip to Thailand on the Thursday where I did put my self at risk to HIV. Friday my throat started to get bad. Wednesday morning I woke up vomiting, I went to the local GP where I continued to be sick, the doctor in the GP gave me an inject in my backside to stop me from being sick. I then got rushed to A&E where I was only sick 1 more time, once the being sick stopped I felt fine, but my lymph nodes swelled up even more.
Hi. Any infection, for example, a bacterial or a viral pharyngitis, can raise the CRP level into the 200's. As for the HIV part, one day after the exposure is much too soon to be having the symptoms of early HIV reactions--that usually takes at least two weeks if it ever happens. I think you're fine but for any at risk exposure to HIV it takes a screening right after the even and then again in three months to conclusively show that there's been no infection.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi. That's good to know what my tonsillitis can raise into the 200's. I should of been a bit more informative, apologies. I was in Thailand from the 7th of July to the 7th of august. I have no idea at what point when I put my self at risk, if it was at the start of my trip then the HIV tests I had around the 11th of august when I was in hospital determined I had noting. But if it was near the end of my holiday do you think I may be infected? due to my symptoms I had (swollen lymph nodes) that it could be HIV in your opinion? I did have a lot of symptoms for tonsillitis, but the one thing I'm concerned about is why did all of my tests come back negative?

If I had tonsilitus wouldn't it show up somewhere? this is why I think I may be infect as it takes a while for HIV to show up right? What do you think from the symptoms I've told you that I may be infected?

I think bot***** *****ne all you had was a viral pharyngitis Lee that raised your CRP level. I don't think you have HIV but to be certain you need to have a screening in about six week's time. If that's negative, you're home free
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you very much Dr. Chip for the informative responses, I do appreciate it. Have a great day

My pleasure Lee--any time but please remember to rate my service to you