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My ex partner is taking me back to court yet again. She is

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My ex partner is taking me back to court yet again. She is 4 years old and he has her every other weekend from Friday at 7pm to Sunday 4pm. My daughter does not want to go but when I tell her she has to she says, "wust (just) one sleep mummy, wust one sleep."
I feel it would be much more beneficial to their relationship if he picked her up on the Saturday morning and bought her back Saturday evening while she is so young. Then hopefully as she gets older she will ask to see him and want to stay with him. Could you please give me your professional opinion.
Hi. One question first--does your ex have visitation rights and if so are they defined? In other words, can you on your own not let her stay overnight with him?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
There is a contact order and he has PR - the order states she stays with Father every other weekend from Friday 7pm until Sunday 4pm. However we are in the process of a final hearing taking place in November, after Cafcass have done a section 7 report. As we cannot agree on contact arrangements. This now has been ongoing for nearly 3 years.
OK Katrina. There's really no need for her to sleep over with him so far as his relationship with her is concerned. She should have quality time with him but of course while she's sleeping that isn't exactly quality time. Even his bringing her back on Saturday and Sunday evenings and spending the daytime hours with her on those days would do the job. As she gets older hopefully she'll want to spend more time with him.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
How do I get this across to Cafcass and the judge without them thinking iam being vindictive or obstinate. I have tried to put this point across before but have never been listened too. How do I put this to cafcass and the courts that this is Esmai's best interests?
This isn't in my opinion your being vindictive or obstinate Katrina. Just tell them what I just said--that her sleeping hours are not quality time with him and that she feels more comfortable being in her own bed at home with you.
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