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I am a busy working professional sixty years old male. Diagnosed

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I am a busy working professional sixty years old male.
Diagnosed with GERD eighteen monthas ago after a bout of esophagitis. A second gastroscopy was clear.
I also suffer from IBS and sleep aponea (treated with CPAP). Asthma
Lately I have been experiencing feelings of :
fategue (flu type)
feeling hot but no temperature
feeling bloated in my abdomen and gut which is generally a bit tender to touch.
Slight nausea,
A few gripe type pains that move around (ibs type).
No loss of appetite and no weight loss.
Tending towards constipation if not managed daily with fibeogel.
Feeling fine some of the time just a bit weak but bouts of feeling generally unwell.
I am terrified it might be cancer! The anxiety of that is not helping and can't get to a GP easily for over a week.
Any advice / suggestions
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Person's Gender: Male
Person's Age: 60
Dear customer,

Thanks for your question.

Basically with cancer one may have severe and persistant symptoms, bleeding in stools or in vomit, and weight loss that is unintentional. Since you don't have these findings the chances of this being cancer are very low. Hence no need to worry. However if your doctor finds that you have an average risk of colon cancer one may consider screening for colon cancer beginning at age 50. Since you are over 50, you should be screened.

But getting anxious is not at all helpful and will magnify your Irritable bowel symptoms. There are many possible causes for your present symptoms and just focusing on cancer will not be beneficial. Your IBS may itself cause some of your symptoms. Another cause could be due to a low thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) and I would recommend having your thyroid hormones tested. Anxiety can itself cause many symptoms such as
diarrhea, dizzines, light-headedness, excessive sweating, hyperreflexia (increased reflexes), hypertension, awareness of heart beat, pupillary dilatation, restlessness, fainting, increased heart rate, tingling in the extremities (arms and legs), tremors, and upset stomach.

Hence your own doctor needs to consider all the above causes and give appropriate treatment. I would suggest consulting with him as soon as possible.

Take care.
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