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Dr. Charogat
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Dear Doctor, I have been diagnosed with post nasal drip, which

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Dear Doctor, I have been diagnosed with post nasal drip, which I can't get rid of for 2 months now. I have been now prescribed Betnesol -N for two weeks, but there has been no improvement. My huge problem is with mucus that drips from the behind of the nose direct to my throat, and I can't swallow it - as it then is collected in my throat and I have to cough it out, otherwise I can't get rid of it - as it is very sticky! In the morning and after each meal I had to spit all these mucus, which makes it very difficult for me to be around the people. I am now in despair, not sure whether it will ever end! Could you please recommend what do I need to take/ do to get rid of this awful condition! Many thanks in advance for your advise!
Dr. Charogat :


Dr. Charogat :

Can you tell me what other medical problems you have?

Dr. Charogat :

Can you tell me what other medications you are taking?


I had severe cough and bronchitis over the last 2 months, but otherwise I am generally healthy. I am taking Betnesol N nasal drops 3 times a day and take 1 tablet of Actifed once a day

Dr. Charogat :

The Betnesol is a steroid drug, and if it is not working yet I would guess that is not the best way to go.

Dr. Charogat :

Drugs that "dry you out" like Benadryl may work -- the problem with this is that they will make your secretions thicker. (Usually post nasal drip is the result of very thin secretions).

Dr. Charogat :

Being that your secretions are thick, a medication like guafenisin might loosen then up a bit.

Dr. Charogat :

I just want to quickly check on something else. BRB


Is thicker secretion a bad or a good thing?


How to stop the secretion being produced?

Dr. Charogat :

If it is okay with you I'd like to change this to a Q&A type question so you don't get locked out of the chat if you don't pay more. Will that be okay with you?


Ok, thank you

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not sure how we proceed now, are you going to answer my questions and suggest what should I take?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not sure how do we continue so that you can answer my question?

Thicker or thinner secretions aren't better or worse.
With thicker secrtetions people might feel stuffier, while with thinner secretions it can cause more of a cough.
Have you tried using any allergy medications to see if that would help? If there is an aspect to your post nasal drip (PND) that is allergic then a medication such as this may help you.

There are many other things you can try. One of your problems you mentioned was that the secretions were thick and you had to cough them up in the morning to a point that it is uncomfortable for you to be around people. Some of the things you can try for thick secretions are using a cool mist humidifier, using saline nasal sprays, try drinking a lot of water so you are not at all dehydrated, and you can try to stay away from dairy products.

Things that you would do if the secretions are thin (I'm including them just in case sometimes your secretions are thin and water) are to avoid eating spicy foods, again - drinking a lot of water, if you have allergies you should be treating those, and you can go see if you can get pseudoephedrine at your pharmacy. (Even though it is warm now, I'll mention that cold weather or a cold room etc. can cause pnd.

Does this help?
Do you have any more questions?

G-d Bless
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have been doing all that you have suggested and Actifed that I am taking as I said does contain pseudoephedrine. Not much of a change.

Have you tried guaifenisen to loosen the secretions?

Also, if your infection has not cleared completely from your sinuses then that can be causing the PND (post nasal drip) as well. If the steroids having been working yet then I wouldn't continue with those at this time.

Have you also tried any antihistamine medication?

G-d Bless

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes, I have tried antihistamine medication for 3 or 4 weeks - did not help.

I tried guaifenesin at the beginning - but why do I need to loosen the secretion? as you said thicker or thinner is not good or bad. I need to get rid of it.

Betnesol N - this is a steroid but with antibiotic (neomycin sulphate).

Definitely - you need to get rid of it.
You mentioned that one of the problems this was causing was that you were having trouble in the morning because it was too thick to cough out etc. and that was why I think you should try to make it thinner. I agree with you though that the bot***** *****ne is to get rid of it. This suggestion is only to be able to deal with it better until it goes away.

I tried to read the our chat again and don't see that you've tried any antihistamines yet.
Also, it is important to note that after being sick it can sometimes take a few months for something like this to clear up. As it is so bothersome I am not satisfied with telling you to just ignore it for now and therefore I'm trying to think of anything that might be helpful with it.

G-d Bless
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you.

as I said, I have taken antihistamines already - and this is not caused by allergy - I've been tested and no allergies