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Daniel Sheibley, MD
Daniel Sheibley, MD, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MD Grad Jefferson Medical College 2009. Internal Med intern 2010 & Radiology residency 2011. Husband & father of two.
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I'm on blood pressure medication and had my BP checked today.

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I'm on blood pressure medication and had my BP checked today. It was 120/73. Four months ago it was 120/70. It has been "normal" for quite a while now.
It used to be horrendously high.
I have made lifestyle modifications; I haven't touched alcohol for 7 years and have been going to the gym three times a week for 12 months.
Is there any scope for reducing my meds? I take atenolol and losartan.
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Yes there most definitely is, however this needs to be done with the guidance of your primary care physician with regular re-checks of your blood pressure - these need not be full visit, but in-office blood pressure checks with their properly calibrated equipment.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

That way you'll notice any rise in your blood pressure which could be dangerous.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

I would probably start with the losartan being reduced in dose.

Daniel Sheibley, MD :

And see how you tolerate that. While stil on it but at a lower dose, maintaining your beta blocker at the same dose

Daniel Sheibley, MD :


Customer: Thanks
Daniel Sheibley, MD :

Did I answer your question?

Customer: I think so. I just wanted to know whether it was worth try. I'm a bit fed up with taking meds every morning. Be nice if I could cut one or two out.
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