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i have a 12 year old son who last year was diagnosed with dyspraxia.

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i have a 12 year old son who last year was diagnosed with dyspraxia. despite excellent support from the school he persistently misses homeworks etc. 95% of the time he is the most loving, personable boy i could ask for but when it comes to anything he doesnt like he just shouts. he doesnt seem phased by withdrawal of privileges etc and when asked says nothing is wrong at school and he "doesnt know" why he hasnt written down his homework/done his homework/lost something etc. its getting to the stage where I find it very hard to believe what he says and thats an awful feeling. any comments would be gratefully appreciated
Hello from JustAnswer.
Has your son also been evaluated for other possible associated conditions, such as ADHD or high functioning autism?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


it was a physchological report carried out by a chartered psychologist recommended by his school and as well as parental and school evidence was based on a one to one assessment of his processing skills and basic academic tool skills.

i also took him to see a child psychologist who having taked to him determined it was just "settling in and a boy being a boy"

My gut feeling tells me there is something wrong but I am struggling to know where to go next.

thanks for anything you may be able to help with as he is a bright boy and I want to get him the help and support he needs

Thank you for the additional information.

I ask about associated conditions because the issue that you describe with respect to homework is an issue that is often seen with someone with social interaction difficulties, such as is seen in high functioning forms of autism, including Asperger syndrome or pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. We struggled with similar problems with our daughter and it was ultimately determined to be due to pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified.

A child with dyspraxia has an increased risk of having several other problems, including ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. It frequently requires a specialized assessment for high functioning autism. The more severe forms of autism are typically much more obvious, but the persons with high functioning autism can be difficult to diagnose.

At this point, it would be appropriate to discuss this issue with his doctor and request referral to a specialist that can assess for high functioning autism.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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