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Dr. Chip
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Dear Doctor, My question is about antisocial behaviour. My

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Dear Doctor,
My question is about antisocial behaviour. My child in the year 6 (10 years old). She has a friend in school she playing with. There is another girl who recently started their class. The girl has been kicked out from 2 schools by her antisocial behaviour. They three started have a problem in the playground. I presume that 3ed girl is provoking them. School teachers had a word with them a few times already. But it isn't help yet. The teachers decided to separate them so they cannot play together.This means they still in the same school. Just have to ignore ich other. All three children including my daughter. I think this is a very bad decision as kids have to be together whole year they cannot ignore ich other. They have to learn how to play together. Separating them will cause more problems. The children could start make they own groups and argue against each other. Please give me an advice.Was it good decision to separate them? They have only 10 years. Wouldn't be easier to get involved them three in some school activities to make sure they can work together. This way we adults can teach them and show them how they can spend time together in a different way instead of separating them?
Hi. I agree that just trying to separate them like that is simply not a practical or effective plan as you have said. For one thing the antisocial girl should be seeing a child psychologist if she hasn't already. I do agree that having all three involved in adult-supervised activities is an excellent idea. That way the antisocial girl can be made aware of her behavior when it happens and the other two girls can be instructed on how to react to that behavior
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank very much for the answer. It is what I thought is the best for them. I wanted to be sure I am right in this case, although the school keeps separating them. Next week I will go to see a Head teacher. I will suggest them about my idea and what they can do to help children. Thanks again for confirmation.

My pleasure Tina but let me know how it goes and please remember to rate my service to you