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I seen a vascular surgeon today. He checked the pulses on my

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I seen a vascular surgeon today. He checked the pulses on my leg and feet but he could not feel the pulse, he then asked a nurse to get a droppler but then said he just got a pulse and said he does not need it now!! I have had pains, pins and needles, numous and bad circulation. Could he have made a mistake by not doing any more tests?? He said my arteries are all good and that was it.
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Dr.Amita :

I am Dr.Amita and i would be assisting you today.

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What exactly would you like to know

Dr.Amita :

It seems that you have gone offline

Customer: I see a vascular surgeon today he said everythink was fine, but I'm worried as he said my arteries are fine and no mre tests needed. All the doctors have found it hard to get a pulse in leg and feet, then he said he got the pulse after 5 mins! I'm worried he may have made a mistake by not doing more tests.
Dr.Amita :

Considering that you have had these symptoms for a long time and other doctors have not been able to feel the pulse easily it would have been better if doppler test had been done as that would have conclusively established that circulation is present in lower limb arteries

Dr.Amita :

I would also suggest that you see a neurologist to rule out nerve issues if you have not already done so.An EMG NCV study will be helpful in ruling or establishing presence of any nerve disorder as a cause of your symptoms

Customer: I am under a neurologist and go back to see him next month, he referred me a vascular surgeon and a rheumatologist who I see at the end of this month! I have had the EMG test, they don't think it's the nerves. I was sterilised 2 years ago and I have not been right since. I have OT at work which I'm waiting to see at the moment. I just getting frustrated with all of this and feel I don't know what to do next.
Dr.Amita :

I understand your frustration as the root cause of your symptoms is not getting diagnosed

Dr.Amita :

Are you on any blood thinners

Customer: No, they said blood was the cause of smoking!! I gave up 2 months ago. I have had some more blood done again from the rheumatologist as from my first lot 3 months ago some came back positive, he did not explain what ones. I go to see him on the 23 to get the results.
Dr.Amita :

I do believe that you would have been better served by a doppler.Though vascular surgeons are trained to feel pulse and they do it several times a day and do it more than any other type of doctor but having a a doppler would have put your mind to rest at least. Even if the vascular surgeon feels confident that your arteries are all fine.You should discuss having a doppler with your rheumatologist as even a rheumatologist can order one.

Customer: Thank you for your time and help! I have to go to work now. I will have a talk with him when I see him next. Thank you once again .
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Dr.Amita :

It has been a pleasure assisting you

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