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15 year old daughter: Migraines for last 4 years - so bad

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15 year old daughter:
Migraines for last 4 years - so bad she can't get out of bed. Clusters. Can last a few days - typically worse in morning.
in last 6 months developed stomach pain and vomits frequently - twice admitted to hospital (June and July) with suspect appendicitis - stayed in for 3 or 4 nights each time.
Panic attacks
Very pale / yellow sometimes
Fatigued all the time
Missing huge amounts of school - gcse year
Paediatrician thinks it is all part of migraines but she is in a bad way
Have tried various medications and now thinking about councelling
Worried that there may be an underlying problem
Hi. Can you first tell me what tests she's had and what medications have been tried?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She has had no specific tests apart from routine blood tests in hospital when she had suspected appendicitis (no-one could agree - nearly operated on both times and signed forms etc but then passed back to different teams! She has also had recurring cystitis which was confirmed with pee tests. Had a scan of kidneys but Paediatrician doesn't think other scans necessary - feels that anything more sinister than migraine would have shown itself faster. Have had lots of suggestions from non- medical friends from celiac to ME.

OK Fiona. So no specific tests to look at the abdominal pain? Any specific migraine medication>
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

she has tried various ones - tripti,.,.? Pizotophen (sorry about spellings - not near medication at moment). She is reluctant to take, thinks nothing works and prefers nurofen. One medication she refused to take as it increased appetite. Just about to try propanadol which didn't want intially as husband didn't get on with it when he had to try for AF.

OK Fiona. I can only give you my thoughts here and we can continue after this if you'd like. First off, while this could be a migraine situation possible including abdominal migraine that wouldn't fully account for all her symptoms. I would do the following--upper and lower endoscopies, thyroid function tests and cortisol levels, EBV viral titers, vitamin B12 and D levels, a screen for H pylori stomach infection, and--this is a bit off the radar--tests for heavy metal (lead and mercury) toxicity. Celiac disorder is one of my thoughts along with the other areas. I can't give you just one specific diagnosis here but I don't think this is just a migraine problem or an emotional problem as in anxiety/depression
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you. She is convinced that it is not anxiety and that there is something wrong with her and it has been so difficult to know which direction to turn. Can I come back to you at a later date once I have taken in all the above and discussed it here?

I would very much like to follow up with you Fiona and I'll be here. Please for now consider rating my service to you