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Dr Uzair
Dr Uzair, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MBBS, FCPS (R) General Surgery. Years of experience in Emergency Medicine.
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My 4 year old has been complaining of a sore stomach and this

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My 4 year old has been complaining of a sore stomach and this morning had pink pieces of stool mixed in with regular color stool. Any idea what is causing this?
Dr Uzair :

Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

Dr Uzair :

Is he having a cramping pain in the stomach?

Dr Uzair :

Please enter chat and use reply to respond.

Dr Uzair :

We can interact, if you enter the chat and reply.

Customer: He just says his tummy is sore but not overly bothered by it
Dr Uzair :

Alright, did he consume anything that could have caused the pink discoloration of the stools, like pink candy etc.?

Customer: Is there a way I could send a pic?
Customer: No definiately not food related
Dr Uzair :

Yes, you can attach a picture here with the "paper pin" icon atop this text box or use a photo attachment website like photobucket.

Customer: I'm using my iPhone so I don't think I can send the pic.
Dr Uzair :

Okay, let me give you some detail.

Dr Uzair :

Pink stools in children can be a sign of blood in stools, since not all blood is red and not everything red in stool is blood. So, the first thing to do is to rule out the presence of a lower GI bleed, since blood from the upper GI usually appears black. Causes of lower GI bleeding in children are many but they almost always have concomitant symptoms with them, for example, an anal fissure would be accompanied by excruciating pain in the perianal region while passing stools, similarly intussusception of the intestine would be accompanied with sharp cramping pain in the lower abdomen etc.

Dr Uzair :

The only symptom your son is showing is abdominal pain that does not seem to bother him much, so we can narrow our differential diagnosis down to a few.

Dr Uzair :

These include; hemorrhoids, polyps, parasites, diarrhea or ingestion of something that had pink color in it like beets or candy etc.

Dr Uzair :

Sometimes, parasites such as ascaris round worms can come out in stools and appear pink as well.

Dr Uzair :

The foremost thing to do is to see a Paediatrician and get a stool routine examination done to ascertain whether this is blood, parasite or something else. Since, it is difficult to differentiate these things on a visual examination alone.

Customer: He has had this pink poop a few times before and I initially put that down to food colouring as he had eaten cake with colour icing. Now it's happening again 2 months later and I know he has not had any food that would have caused this.
Dr Uzair :

That still leaves us with parasites, hemorrhoids and polyps.

Customer: he usually has blood on his stool and the toilet paper but that's because he does seem to have a haemorrhoid or anal fissure because he has always battled with constipation. I wasn't worried about the blood as it looks fresh but this pink poo has me worried
Customer: Ok thank you
Dr Uzair :

If he has been bleeding per rectally, then you need to be concerned about this as subtle blood loss like that in children can be dangerous and lead to anemia and failure to thrive.

Customer: I have a dr appt for tomorrow - just wanted advice in the meantime
Dr Uzair :

I would advise that you see a Pediatrician as soon as possible.

Dr Uzair :

Alright, I hope this helped

Customer: Thank you
Dr Uzair :

It was a pleasure.

Dr Uzair :

Please do leave a positive rating for the service. Best wishes.

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