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Bit of a long story, but: A girl and I were naked in bed,

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Bit of a long story, but:
A girl and I were naked in bed, and we were just cuddling. I then felt the tip of my penis with my index finger, which was a little wet with pre-cum, so I then got out of bed and put my jeans and a top on. After 2-3 minutes we then started kissing (I am still dressed here) and the girl started to pleasure herself. When she was finished I put the same finger in her vagina for no more than a few seconds at the most and removed it. I was really worried she might be pregnant as it was her fertile time. As I have been SO worried I have asked her to take pregnancy tests, which have been negative. The above happened on 5th Sep, and she had what she believes is her period on 18th Sep. we have taken 3 tests since 18th Sep, with the last being 3rd Oct. When she had a baby before she said she still had a period after so I am still worried despite the tests. Am I worrying when I shouldn't be? Please help. She has been sick today, so this could be a dress thing as she is feeling down, but this makes me worried again, but she feels it's just her feeling down and not morning sickness. Thank you
Hello from JustAnswer.

There is no reason for you to be concerned about a pregnancy in this case.

First, it is extremely difficult to transmit sperm via the finger tip. The sperm will typically die in the amount of time that passed between when you first touched your penis and then later touched her vagina. The sperm also will die very quickly if only placed in the vagina. For sperm to live and inseminate the woman, the sperm need to land on cervical mucus, which essentially only happens with penetrative sex.

In addition, even if you had performed a complete act of penetrative sex, the negative pregnancy tests would indicate that she is not pregnant. Yes, it is true that some pregnancies will not have a missed period as occurs in most pregnancies, but when this happens, the pregnancy tests would still be positive. So, a combination of a period and several negative pregnancy tests would indicate that she is not regnant.

So, there is no reason for you to be concerned.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Can I ask after what length in time, after a 'missed period' (which I know does not look like the case here), do you know you are safe that the pregnancy test is very, very accurate, or put another way, after what period of time in taking the test can you be sure that the person is not pregnant? If that makes sense!
Well, it is not that simple. The current generation of pregnancy tests are very accurate, so will detect pregnancy usually within a day of a missed period and certainly within a few days.

However, this assumes that the woman has ovulated on the expected day, which is usually two weeks before the next anticipated period. Some women have a delayed day of ovulation, so the anticipated period is also delayed. For example, if the day of ovulation is delayed by two weeks, so is occurring on the day that the period is missed and the period is now expected to occur in 2 weeks, and she then gets regnant by having sex on that day, the pregnancy test will not detect the pregnancy for another two weeks.

So, the usual advice to women that have a late period and a negative pregnancy test would be to repeat the pregnancy test after about a week if there still has not been a period. This recommendation is not based on any concern that the first test is inaccurate, but that the ovulation could be delayed and the test would be expected to miss a pregnancy in that situation.

In your case, since the encounter occurred on the expected day of ovulation, any delay in ovulation would mean that she could not have gotten pregnant on that day.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you. Can I now consider, based on what I said that I can be confident and relax a little? I explained it how it was, and I assumed that she was ovulating on that day rather than factually knowing, as it was approx 2 weeks before her period was due. Her periods are very regular, and she had it on the day she was expecting it. I would therefore assume she did it ovulate late.
You can be absolutely confident that she is not pregnant.
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