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I have contracted scabies. I have so far carried out two treatments.

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I have contracted scabies. I have so far carried out two treatments. My skin is still itching after the last treatment (4 days ago). the doctor has given me cream and tablets to ease the itching. However, i have noticed a cluster of spots on my arms (that is the only intensively itching area). How can i be sure that i have got rid of them. the doctor said if i have carried out two treatments, i have got rid of them. I am worried that they are still there or do I need to give it more time before applying another treatment.
Hi. First off you need to give the permethrin more time since even if the scabies have been killed the itching can continue for two to four weeks. That said, you may have a case of Norwegian scabies so if after a few more days your rash doesn't disappear, you'd need oral ivermectin to eradicate the infestation
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If this is a case of Norwegian scabies, would it only appear on my arms as that is the only area that is still itchy and further bumps appearing (also through my scratching)? And does this mean that i have had them longer that first thought - how would i have contracted Norwegian scabies (through research i have learnt that they are more than the usual 15 mites on the skin).

Yes it can affect just the arms Tracy. Just because they're called Norwegian doesn't mean they only affect people in Norway. But before we assume that's the kind you have, you need to give it at least another week before we might say the the permethrin cream was ineffective
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Dr Chip,

I carried out a further treatment as I did see further burrows (to date that is 3 treatments). My skin has cleared up although I am scarred badly so I am using lotions to keep the skin hydrated and hopefully clear up the scars. The last treatment is now 10 days and I still experience tingling, some itching and the occassional bump. I am still paranoid they are still there as my neck feels like something is crawling in my skin. I will give this last treatment more time before I do anything further. I went to see my doctor and he said I never had scabies, but I do not believe him. I've washed and hoovered everything and I hope I have got rid of them but today my skin feels a little more itchy than previous days and I have a few more bumps on my upper arms but I cannot see any burrows. Could this be the end of them? Thank you for your help. Can I say that some doctors are not up to date with scabies and a partner I slept with before I realised I had them has been told by his doctor that he does not have it although he says he is itching around his testicles - the doctor gave him lyclear for lice and told him only those who are unhygienic get scabies!!

Hi Tracy. It sounds like you're rid of the scabies themselves but unfortunately the itching and some of the rash can continue for two weeks or longer as the body is still reacting to the dead parasites. Try an antihistamine like benadryl or Claritin for the itching and hold on because you will get over this in time