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i have damage to my phrenic nerve right lung and diaphragm.

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i have damage to my phrenic nerve right lung and diaphragm. this does not cause me many problems but severe stomachpains and lots of gas. worse after eating. can i take anything to help this
Hello from JustAnswer.

It is unusual for a phrenic nerve injury to cause abdominal pain and excessive gas. Consequently, there are a couple of other issues to consider.

It is possible that whatever injury caused the damage to the phrenic nerve could also have damaged a structure in the abdomen, resulting in the abdominal pain and gas. If the injury was solely in the chest, then it may have affected the vagus nerve, which travels through the chest en route to the gut in the abdomen.

It would be fine to try an over the counter medicine for gas to see if it will relieve both the gas and abdominal pain. Since the colpermin has not helped, there are a couple of other over the counter medicines that can be tried. The most commonly used is simethicone, which is available in numerous brand names. It also may help to use activated charcoal, such as CharcoCaps.

I would also point out that another option for management of a phrenic nerve injury is a phrenic nerve stimulator. There would need to be better clarification of what symptoms are due to the damaged phrenic nerve, but this is an option for relief of symptoms associated with phrenic nerve injury.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
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