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Dr. Chip
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My grandson is obbsest with "making music" he can not play

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My grandson is obbsest with "making music" he can not play any instrument but manipulates sound on the computer. Three years he has tried to improve his portfolio and he has not worked but says he will sell this music for a fortune when he is ready.He is 21 years old and is currently suported by his grandmother.The other peculiarity is he wears a knitted hat at all times, he has lost a job because he would not remove it and I have not seen him without one for a number of years.
Hi. Except for the one job has he applied for other jobs? Has his grandmother threatened him with no more support and how exactly is she supporting him?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She suports him by providing a roof over his head and food.He has signed off of the dole because he says they only offer jobs he does not like and he does not see why he must accept a job he does not like.His mother has a court order forbiding him to go home for a year because he was violent and destructive breaking items in the home.He starts a new job in one week and I am fearful he will just blow it.

I see. Has he seen a therapist, especially considering that past behavior?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No and I do not know how to proceed or if there is anything realy wrong with him. Can it be some sort of mental problem?

We can continue after this but yes I think he has an emotional problem. He may have a depression problem or perhaps that and also an attention deficit disorder. He really needs to have his feet held to the ground so far as being given room and board and not having a job, but rather than threatening him he needs to be evaluated by a psychologist or a psychiatrist and he may need medication in addition to therapy.
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