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I am going to a. London hospital on this Saturday it is a long

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I am going to a. London hospital on this Saturday it is a long way ,very expensive to hire a car and also difficult as I have , now the MRI that the surgeons are looking at and want me to go and see them , but I will tell you the diagnosis , I am a 73 year old lady , but I am in such terrible pain although the diagnosis given I don't think they will offer any surgery and will err on the side of conservative treatment which I have tried for nearly a year as I said when I had the MRI it was nearly a year ago , 04/10/13 it is border line for them to use it as it is an old one , I have to travel to a big London hospital which I have to leave home at 07.20 hours which is very difficult as I cannot walk at that time of the morning ,I have booked a car ,
The diagnosis is from the MRI there is a mild right sided foraminal narrowing at C4 / C5 and also at left C 5/ 6 No Overt neural compression . Now I have sone medical knowledge and I think that they will refuse surgery and give me more conservative treatment , I won't be happy with that as the pain has got substantially worse of late especially from my right shoulder to my elbow , the pain is very bad and also I get a lot of pins and needles , I really think that I should ask fior another MRI to be done as it is after all a year old and the pain has trebled since it was done also I cannot put up with it , I am already on morphine and Tramadol for my lower back as well and that doesn't relieve it , what do you think as it is very near got Saturday I don't want to waste the appointment if I don't go as I want a more up to date MRI done , what is your advice please , also I did have an e mail today saying I could have 25% off my next just answer as last week I asked and paid for a neurologist and got a mechanical engineer so if you could take off that 25% I would be very grateful , also please could you answer straight away as I will have to e mail therm straight away to say that I may prefer to wait , thank you Jeanette Miles ps it doesn't look as iif it should be as painful as it actually is it is really bad and I am worried that more has gone on in the lasr year particularly with my parkinsons , I await your answer and if possible if you could look into the 25% off but I don't mind as the time is very late they can refund me . Thank you jeanette miles
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I think you are right on the money Jeanette
they will not do surgery
This MRI finding is not too bad on paper
I'm sure your symptoms are bad but the MRI doesn't read very bad at all
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What shall I do my GP will blame me if I don't go but really do you not think that I could request a new MRI as it's on the border line and my pain is much much more than when the MRI was done something must have happened that they don't know about unless I have a new MRI ,or do you think I should go up there and tell them that I want another MRI as if I just cancel the appointment they may not bother with me but it will be so difficult with my parkinsons and getting up so early plus the £ 100 at least for the transport I think perhaps I will have to go but I know I will feel really ill thanks I will await your reply
I would go there and tell them that.
Tell them that the MRI doesn't reflect your pain level.
They should know that know. an MRI is not the end all be all that shows everything
there are things the MRI can't show
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you I must go as if I don't they will not bother at all ,I will be really insistent as I think that if the MRI had been only a week later they wouldn't have used it , also I know that I wasn't in any pain a year ago now I have had morphine and it doesn't help it's my arm that gives me all the pain I cannot sleep with it and have to put it on a pillow at night plus a heat pad . Is it possible for that problem could get so much worse in one year could it be as I have the parkinsons but it is absolutely dreadful , I imagine if they see that I have taken the trouble to struggle there and if I actually point out that the MRI is right in the time limit they hopefully should do it , but my last question could it get that much worse in one year and is it because the nerves have just go ten flamed in that one place down my arm and also if it's not the pain it's awful pins and needles , thank you jeanette
Yes, it could Jeannette
A lot can change within a year.
I'm very sorry you are suffering so bad
I wish you the best
please don't forget a positive rating. I appreciate it
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Just to say I will rate you very highly although I used to be a nurse and actually I really just needed you to agree with my thoughts but it's good at least that you confirmed it that it looks very good on paper but I know with the pain that I feel now is much much more than I ever felt a year ago , mind you perhaps they were just going to see how I reacted when I Hoyt there but at least I can get it right in my head and I must really insist that I cannot go on like this , incifdently I am already on their crisis list at my gps surgery , but I can't see that they can refuse if I really make it clear a I have done with you .
Many thanks again good night jeanette
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Does it cost more money to answer this qhuestion , the neurog surgeon was not very nice I went to Kings in London , he said and I quote " I cannot tell how bad your neck and arm is as the MRI scan was taken a year ago , the one here that I am looking at shows it to be vey mild
So I will need you to see an orthopaedic surgeon with the results of the new MRI scan ,then is will see you again to tell you if you need an operation on your neck "
I also told him I was feeling really unwell , and he was a very rude ill mannered man and he looked at my list of drugs and he said
"Of course you feel I'll look at the drugs you are on I shall write to your dr to tell him to look at what I am taking and adjust them , he said look at your Parkinsons drugs that is too much , then you are on Tramadol Paracetemol and also Bu Trans patches , then my antidepressants no wonder you feel ill "
Well it's not my fault imdidnt prescribe myself they chose to give me the prescriptions in fact I have had my driving licence taken away which was a terrible blow ,anyway he was very rude and objectionable , it cost me £ 110 to pay for a car to take me there , I would have been better off if my Dr had had an MRI Scan done before surely he should have seen that a year old one was no good.
Now coming off my drugs , I am on 30mg of Bu Trans patches and I renew them every week , I also take about four 50 mg Tramadol along with Six Paracetamol , I forgot to replace my Bu Trans patches yesterday lunch time and haven't noticed any increase in my pain , should I try not taking the Bu Trans patches or will I get withdrawal symptoms as I do heel very nervous and depressed would you think I should cut it down slowly to 20 mg instead of the 30 mg then down to 10 mg patches or would I be able to cut them out all together , I have been on the z20 mg for about a year or so , but have not had the extra 10 mg patch for not more than as couple of months or so .
Now the Tramadol and Parecetemol I have been on for years so does that give you withdrawal symptoms but if I cut out the Morphine I have to have then still .
The Parkinsons I take l bentodopa 100/25 I take nine of those and with them I takeEntapone 200 Mg with each dose of the LBeneldopa I take the three tablets that's the parkinsons two and the Entacapone 299mg one ,very Three Hours and in the evening or night time depending if my day is longer I take a slow release capsule of 100/25 on its own ,so that means that in 24 hours I take 13 capsules of 100/25 and four Entacapone 200 mg is that too many but if I go along period between i freeze and worst of all my mood dips very badly that I feel really in a very low mood.
Now the antidepressants are a lot but at the moment I haven't got a phsychiatrist he has left and they cannot get a replacement they cancelled my June appointment and they have written apollos ing but I cannot see one because they have not managed to find anyone to step into his shoes , so how can they be altered I know I take a lout but I Gerdepressed I shave 45 mg of cMirtazepine cand also 300 mg of Efexor VENLAFAXINE XL at night I agree that is a lot but otherwise the do not know what to try if I don't have them I get very low and depresedv, but obviously it's got to be done I don't know they are Qualified Phsychiatrists and if they are wondering what to do about it ,I certainly don't knowcwhatvto.
Summary Do I stop the Bu Trans Patches altogether or do I do it in two lots cut down to 20 then a week to perhaps 2 weeks cut it to ten then about a week or so finish them altogether ,or as I asked can I just stop tem in one go , the Parkinson's I have to have some guidance fron my neurologist ,but I don't know how much leeway he has , then the antidepressants that's going to fall on my GP and that's not very good eiytherb he is only a general Dr , so I am aware that this is getting very difficult for you , please help as I haven't got anyone else to help me ,
As this is a very long question please ignore where I say that have I got to pay I can't expect you to answer all these questions and pay mouthing I would be grateful foe a quick reply as really am feeling very hot and headachy and not well at all
Many thanks jeanette Miles
yes I would ask for another positive rating
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I hope you got my latest long question I
I have ticked the box to ask for you £48 for 5 free questions after my free offer have not had a box come up any payment yet , I hope you received that very long question I cent you. Just now , hope you have it as I feel really ill , think I should put those morph ingle patches back on it may be I am missing those but what with my mouth tastes awful it's So dry and rastes awful and feels very dry ,I am very hot so maybe I am suffering withdrawal symptoms from no morphine will put patches back on r
Jeanette miles
I have not received it
generally we recommend that you accept additional services or open a new question
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have ticked the box for the £ 45 sand a free session before but I realise that it nMay be that I have to finish paying you first naturally I doing mind that I an feeling very ill at moment but let me know when you have read this please
Jeanette Miles
the symptoms you are feeling are from taking down the opiates
this is a very fast drop
ask your GP for clonidine and vistaril to ease the withdrawal
I guess maybe I didn't understand.
have you stopped any meds yet?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I restarted the bu Trans patches which I had left off for about a day and four more hours , I have taken an extra diazepam making it up to 10 mg I usually have five do you think I need another perhaps I will wait and see how I go ,it's my mouth it's very dry and tastes awful and I just feel very anxious , thank you
Yes just see how it goes
When the withdrawal starts on any of these it will be rough
I appreciate the excellent rating.
I would be happy to help you in the future. Just ask for feedback. Thank you. :) Dr. Phil in your question opening or bookmark this page
I greatly appreciate a positive rating in the customer satisfaction survey that you will receive via email. It is important for me to get your feedback. Thank you. :)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I am feeling a lot better now thankyou , how would I take the bu Trans patches down slowly , I am on one 10 mg and one 20 mg patch applied weekly .
So how would I reduce the patches down to nothing please .
Also regarding my Parkinsons medication am I not on a good dose it hasn't been looked at for ages and the surgeon I saw said that could be making me feel really ill.
I take a daily total of nine capsules of Co-Beneldopa and four Entacapone 200mg one with each dose of the Co-Beneldopa .
So it's like this two of the Co-Beneldopa plus one of the Entacapone every three hours then the prolonnged release one but without thebEntacapon
IDoes that sound ok ?
Jeanette please keep in mind that justanswer recommends that you open a new question or accept additional services to continue.