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Dr  S.A.Alam
Dr S.A.Alam, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 4473
Experience:  MBBS/FCPS(R)/MRCP(R) U.K
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Hi Dr, the cardiologist rang me and told me the following: I

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Hi Dr, the cardiologist rang me and told me the following:
I have very slight thickening consistent with an athlete's heart (1.4cm).. It's not HCM.
He said its concentric symmetrical thickening.
My ventricles are performing perfectly well
He doesn't have any concerns, I'm not at any risks, he has asked to go abit moderate with my weight training
Dr S.A.Alam :

Hello, Welcome to JustAnswer and thank you for your question.

Dr S.A.Alam :

It is same what i have told you,

Dr S.A.Alam :

So now two same opinions

Customer: Yes thanks
Dr S.A.Alam :

cheer up, just lower your exercise endurance and all will be fine.

Customer: He said we can redo the test again in 6 months
Dr S.A.Alam :

Yes he can.

Dr S.A.Alam :

as i had mentioned

Dr S.A.Alam :

Same opinion here as well.

Customer: So does symmetrical mean that it's not irregular?
Dr S.A.Alam :


Dr S.A.Alam :

it means it is regular all over.

Customer: That's good.. Such a relief.. Yeah he said its not localised in one part of the septum
Dr S.A.Alam :

Good, so he told you exactly what i had mentioned.

Customer: That's right :-)
Dr S.A.Alam :

It is athletes heart, you are fine, relax and take it easy on exercise.

Customer: I have a treadmill test on Monday just to make sure it's not BP that's caused the thickening
Customer: Even tho I don't have high bp
Dr S.A.Alam :

well, treadmill test will help to rule out blood pressure as the cause of this problem but i would recommend ambulatory BP monitoring which will be of more help in your case to pick up hidden blood pressure.

Dr S.A.Alam :

Treadmill test is not the test of choice for your case.

Customer: My blood pressure has always been for as long as I can remember 125/75 or 130/80
Customer: I'm pretty sure my bp is fine
Dr S.A.Alam :

Thats good, it means that your problem is simple athletes heart

Customer: So I'm definitely not in any risk
Dr S.A.Alam :


Dr S.A.Alam :

no risk

Customer: I thought having an athletes heart is a good thing?
Dr S.A.Alam :

yes it is good thing but when it is confused with HCM or hypertensive heart it causes anxiety and stress for the patient/person

Customer: Like it has for me today
Dr S.A.Alam :

as happened in your case

Dr S.A.Alam :


Dr S.A.Alam :

it is very common diagnostic problem we face.

Dr S.A.Alam :

So chill and relax..

Customer: Thanks for your advice today, it has been invaluable.. Will definitely come to u for advice
Dr S.A.Alam :

you are welcome.

Dr S.A.Alam :

Have a nice day.

Customer: Take care.. Khuda Hafiz
Dr S.A.Alam :

Allah Hafiz

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