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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Board Certified Physician
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Just need to convince myself then it will ease What would

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Just need to convince myself then it will ease
What would you suggest as treatment for my health anxiety
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Dr. David :

no, you need to talk to your GP doctor about better treatments for your excessive anxiety.

Dr. David :

you might have to go on SSRI agents like zoloft or paxil or lexapro

Dr. David :

and klonopin or valium to help decrease your anxiety.

Dr. David :

and do regular destressing exercises, deep breathing, physical exercise, stretching to help release tension.

Dr. David :

you have continued to worry about these headaches for more than a week now.

Dr. David :

you continue to come back and ask questions about the seriousness of your headaches.

Dr. David :

until you get your anxiety disorder under better control, you will continue to have these tension headaches and worry about them being more serious.

Customer: I understand.
Customer: Its not not easy when I'm running a successful business and I'm fine I don't stress over that
Customer: but I panic as you know over any pain !!!
Dr. David :

that is good.

Dr. David :

you should ask your doctor to refer you to see a psychotherapist.

Customer: Its all health anxiety.
Customer: Only health
Customer: He suggested the anxiety counselling anf
Customer: hypnosis
Customer: The headache is hardly there now. At all and logically feeling fine and fit that should mean it's not serious but you are saying the anxiety is the reason it creeps back ?
Dr. David :

yes, the anxiety and stress and tension are the reason it comes back.

Customer: Thank you for reassurances Sir
Dr. David :

you are welcome

Customer: I will have a go at getting on with my life il see the therapist again and maybe if it returns should I try to remember what you and my gp have said ? And the blood work ? Then move on
Customer: Ie. Except the fact that you both say it's not seru
Customer: serious ?
Dr. David :

yes, you can move on

Dr. David :

it is not serious

Dr. David :

you can use tylenol or paracetamol for your headaches.

Customer: I'm sorry for bothering you with this and I'm embarrassed I have this condition. I'm a sucsessful guy. !!!
Customer: Just before you go what makes you sure it's not serious that answer may help my logic !! ??
Customer: I feel fine.
Dr. David :

because you have seen your GP doctor about this before.

Dr. David :

and when you relax and decrease your anxiety with hypnosis, you headaches are better.

Customer: Yes 3 times !!!! Lol
Customer: and the the blood work ? And neck muscles ? I assume and the fact it hasn't got worse with no symptoms over 5 weeks ??!!!
Dr. David :

these repeated questions is a sign that your anxiety is not well controlled and you continue to worry

Customer: Have a good evening in New York sir il mark you excellent. As usa
Dr. David :

you can be successful in business and still have excessive anxiety disorder.

Customer: usual il
Customer: Il try not to bother you for a good while. Fingers crossed
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