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My daughter of 15 has been refered to an endocrinologist due

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My daughter of 15 has been refered to an endocrinologist due to absent periods and no puberty occuring. i went through an early menopause 15 years ago after she was born but was tested at 17 and was starting menopause at this age .a colposcopy confirmed i had little or no eggs 17 but we had our miracle when i was im sure you can understand i am extremely anxious about my daughter and want to know the procedure all these years on thankyou
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
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Hello from JustAnswer.

The procedure for evaluation of delayed puberty involves many steps. The first step, of course, is a physical examination. The usual next step is several blood tests, to look for the level of the female hormones, the level of other hormones that may secondarily affect maturation, such as thyroid hormone levels, and as a general evaluation. Delayed puberty can be due to a variety of significant systemic illnesses, so there should be a broad general evaluation to look for systemic illnesses.

There also would usually be an imaging study of the female organs, either an ultrasound or MRI.

Further evaluation would depend upon the results of these initial steps in the evaluation.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
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