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Had tonsilitis, 2 weeks ago , quite bad . Tried to fight it

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Had tonsilitis, 2 weeks ago , quite bad . Tried to fight it off myself
But got too sick went gp and was put on a 10 day course of phenoxymethylpenicillin and flucloxacillin for an infection on my thumb
Also my gums were very Emflamed and bleeding
With ulcers in my mouth too, within 1 week of taking the meds
I woke up one morning with severe dizzyness but when I move my head a bit like
I'm drunk, went to a&e and said carry on with the antibiotics and the dizzyness
Looks like it's vertigo, so here I am 2 weeks later tonsilitis gone but still dizzy
Very weak pain in my neck and a slight loss of appertite
And on top of that I have just notice a sensitivity on my penis resulting in premature
Ejaculation which I have never had ever before , can you please advise

Hi, and thank you for coming to with you answer. I will do my best to provide excellent service to you today.

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : Hi

Generally speaking antibiotics should not cause dizziness.


Has anyone noticed if your eyes and bouncing back and forth quickly?

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : I do have a lazy eye

Aside from that... there is something called nystagmus which causes the eyes to both move back and forth quickly - both move at the same time/speed. Has anyone noticed since the dizziness if this is going on with you?

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : Don't think so

I'm just looking something up quickly here.


Okay. Neither of the medications that you are on should be causing your dizziness.


This leads me to wonder if you have an inner ear infection (not middle ear - which is the one people most commonly get) that is causing this problem.


The dizziness.


The fact that it is when you move your head also makes me wonder if you might have a 'stone' in your inner ear.

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : Stone

The inner ear is made up of 3 twisting tubes that let your body know which way is up. When there is a stone in there (called an otolith - this comes from the normal fluid that is there) then it messes up your balance and gives you the feelings you mention.


I'm going to take a quick look if there is a link I can give you about this part of your question/problem.

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : Ok so do you think it can't be anything else


I think that it would either be an otolith or an inner ear infection.

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : I've looked up loads on it , no need to ūüėĄ


JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : Will it last

One thing you might want to do before going to the doctor is to shake your head in the way that makes you feel dizzy and record your eye movements when you are looking straight ahead, and to each side.


Have you seen any videos of what horizontal nystagmus can appear?


If it is an infection, that can take a few weeks to resolve (on antibiotics - which you already are taking).

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : What am I looking for I can do it now if you like

If it is an otolith then you should see an ENT doctor to find out about therapy

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : I finished antibiotics 3 days ago

It still can take some time to resolve - if it is an infection.


But it would be wise to see your doctor and possibly an ENT to find out if you have an otolith.

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : Ok so do you think there's a connection with the penis sensitivity
JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : And could this be a brain issue or nerve issue

I think that the sensitivity has to do with a mixture of the medicine and feeling bad. This makes everything more sensitive. You might have noticed that you are also more sensitive to which clothes you wear etc. Sometimes the difference in sensitivity is not noticed as much on other areas of the body as it is on the penis - where there are more sensory nerve receptors.

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : I have been feeling a lot more emotional

Conceivably it could have to do with brain or nerve, but I would doubt it. First check out what most likely is the problem, then, we would look into seeing if this is more serious. Almost always it is local at the area of the labrynth.

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : Little depressed at home for Soo long

Are you taking any other medications?


Do you have any other medical problems?

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : No

Then, my thought would be that the emotions are coming from feeling so badly. Dizziness is something that really impacts your life, and even if you are not feeling completely depressed, illness is known to cause depression. (Temporary illness - temporary 'reactive' depression).


I treat each patient/customer as if they were my family member. If you were my brother I'd encourage you to go see an ENT.


I want to give you service that will make you want to rate my service as "excellent", so please let me know what other questions you may have.

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : I've got a gp appointment on Friday and will ask to be referred

Also, apparently there are 2 minutes left on the timer (I'm not quite sure how that works), but if you would like I can change this to a q&a type session so you don't get charged extra.

JACUSTOMER-d72z8b2f- : Please

While you are waiting to see your GP you can call an ENT and make an appointment.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
While you are waiting for your appointment with your GP you can call and make an appointment with the ENT. Often there are long waits before you get an appointment, and if your GP doesn't think you should go you can always cancel the appointment.
If you call your GP's office they might be able to tell you which ENTs they often work with.

Does this help? Is there anything else?

G-d Bless
Dr. Charogat and other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
With the premature ejaculation go eventually
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I do think that the premature ejaculation as well as any other physical and/or emotional sensitivity will fade once you are feeling better.

G-d Bless

(I'm sorry for the wait - I typed a long answer and for some reason it didn't go through - but the gist of it was as written above).