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Yesterday I has a quick episode of suddenly getting a tingling

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Yesterday I has a quick episode of suddenly getting a tingling sensation that transcended through my whole body in a few seconds and at the same time I felt dizzy like I was about to faint and then it passed and I was ok again. I was sat down at the time. This has happened about 3 other occasions over the past 4 weeks.

Thanks for your question.

Do you have ear ringing?If YES its in one or both ears
Do you feel like room is spinning when you feel dizzy or just feel unsteady?
Any history of cardiac or other medical disorder already diagnosed?

Do you feel dizzy when you stand up from sitting position or when you move your head suddenly?
Have you visited ENT doctor or any other doctor for this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
My ears don't hurt. I feel unsteady rather than dizzy but my vision goes blurry temporarily. Sometimes I get dizzy when I stand up too quickly

Ok and thanks for your input.

Well, based on the information's provided i am suspecting that your base line BP is low, and when you change position fast that makes you prone to orthostatic hypotension causing such dizziness and blurring of vision. There are various causes of such orthostatic hypotension like dehydration, cardiac issues and poor nutritional intake etc. I suggest you to see your doctor for its confirmation. He will check your B.P at sitting and standing position and will run few tests. In the mean time keep yourself well hydrated and use elastic stocking while you are at home to prevent pooling of blood in your legs, hence avoiding episode of dizziness.


Use reply to let me know if you have further questions.

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