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I am going to Kenya on safari and need a safe anti-malarial

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I am going to Kenya on safari and need a safe anti-malarial medication.I am on Warfarin because I have AF but found Malarone unsuitable because it lowered my INR.I am on a variety of blood pressure tablets.Can you advise please.
I had to look up the resistance pattern of malaria in Kenya, but I posted an answer on the original question.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I cannot find your reply.Having read through my medications,can you recommend a suitable anti-malarial medication please.

I will copy it here.

For Kenya, the recommended drugs for malaria prophylaxis are Malarone, doxycycline, or mefloquine. Both the Malarone and the doxycycline can interact with the Coumadin, while the mefloquine will not.

However, mefloquine can be an issue if there are any conduction abnormalities in the heart which can occur in some people with atrial fibrillation. The current recommendation for mefloquine is that there should be caution in a person with atrial fibrillation.

If there are any associated conduction abnormalities, such as QT prolongation, it may be better to use the doxycycline and adjust the dose of Coumadin to maintain a therapeutic prothrombin time.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Re your e-mail, can you explain what Coumadin is ?

Coumadin and warfarin are two names for the same drug.
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