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Dr. Chip
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Hi I had a 24 hour ecg a month or so back and my doc says it's

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Hi I had a 24 hour ecg a month or so back and my doc says it's ok. But I didn't get time to really ask her about it. I don't understand what I'm reading.
The results were:-
Normal beats 108, 277 - 99% - Max/Hr 5,796 on Thu 13.00 ?
SVE Beats 90 - <1% - Max Hr 34 on Thu 13.00 ?
Paced Beats 131 - <1% - Max/Hr 109 on Fri 9.00 ?
HEART RATE -Max 121. Min 45. Ave 75.
Bradycardia 0
Tachycardia 0
Ventricular Arrhythmia 0
Supraventicular Arrhythmia 0
Sinus rhythm/Sinus tachycardia (gradual response) throughout recording.
It also has a graph snap shot at 16.12 for 1 min were the bears are very sporadic, this is we're my heart rate was at its highest.
Is this all ok?
I suffer with anxiety and gets palpitations and keep feeling dizzy and fatigued, especially after exercise at the moment. Could this be purely down to anxiety? Or do I need to dig deeper
Hi. The SVE means supraventricular ectopic beats and those are also called premature atrial contractions. 90 of those in 24 hours is nothing serious and doesn't mean you are at risk for a heart attack. Stress and anxiety can cause these, as can caffeine. They don't need to be treated and, again, they aren't dangerous. If you need more information than that, please just let me know
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