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Hello,I am a 23 year old female, normal build 5 ft 3

Customer Question

Hello, I am a 23 year old female, normal build 5 ft 3 inches and 8st.

I eat healthily and don't drink/smoke/take drugs and exercise moderately. I have had sciatic pain in both my legs for 4 years now,I also have pain in my lower back which spreads to my upper back if I'm standing for long periods (for 1 year now).


In the last year I also have pinchy pains in my arms and sometimes pins and needles in my hands and feet.(I have had xrays on my neck,back and hips but it revealed no sign of a slipped disk or anything unusual).


I have always had painful periods (which includes vomiting and fainting at its worse) which I have controlled with the contraceptive pill.


I have IBS (which I control with my diet) which developed after being ill (bad kidney infection) when I was 18. it was after this incident that I also found sex very painful and after treatment I have managed to reduce this pain, although it comes back often.


I have had physio for over the last 6 months for my sciatic and back pain but it has done nothing to reduce the pain. I have broken a few bones scaphoid and metatarsal bones in foot when I was 13 and 15.


I have also got an unusual hard 'lump' of what feels like bone on the front of my right leg, below the knee. This happened when I was 7 and it is still tender to touch.


My physio thought this may have been linked to my illness as my sciatic also started on my right leg.


I sleep well in terms of the hours of sleep I get, but I am constantly tired/exhausted. I have 3-4 dreams a night and I feel that 10 hours of sleep allows me to function normally but mostly I get 6/7 hours of sleep a night. I sometimes get palpitations, feel faint and dizzy, I am often very cold and I occasionally have panic attacks.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr.Israr replied 3 years ago.


I am sorry to hear about your problem.

I will try my best to help you.

In order to help you find an answer, could you please answer following:

Any history of stress in your life?

Any history of anemia associated?

Any history of excessive thirst or urination?

Any history of constipation associated?

How is your food intake? & Are you a vegetarian?