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Dr. Chip
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I have been suffering from what I thing is either chronic sinus

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I have been suffering from what I thing is either chronic sinus problems or rhinitis and it is worse in the mornings. I do have pain in the front sinus's between the eyes. No nasal discharge although nose runs clear most of the day. It is beginning to really impact on my life as I find I am so very tired all the time. I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis also so it is hard to distinguish what is this problem and what is RA.
Last night I woke up to severe flashing lights in front of my eyes which lasted for about two minutes or so which I felt was aligned to the sinus problems.
I am also shivery today, can't get warm but no obvious fever.
Hi. How long has this been going on and have you seen your doctor about it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

For about two months and no I have not seen my GP. I have recently moved house and also am a full time carer for my 95 year old demented mother so time has not been available.

OK Heather. This sounds like a combination of the chronic sinusitis and perhaps an allergic rhinitis. Unfortunately, although antihistamines or decongestants can help with the latter, they can aggravate the former. For now I suggest you try either a Neti pot or a saline nasal irrigation system to help with your symptoms, but I'd also suggest you see your doctor about this and get a ct scan of your sinuses
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok many thanks.

My pleasure Heather--any time