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Hi my name is***** am 30 years old, and currently live in

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Hi my name is***** am 30 years old, and currently live in Newcastle upon Tyne.I experience a lot of signs of low testosterone and got my self tested fore T blood levels.
My problem is that my levels are considered to be in the normal range.the first blood test showed Serum testosterone lvl was 8.7 nmol/L in the first test and 9.8 nmol/L in the second also other hormone levels where checked.
My serum LH level was 1.7iu/L and serum folicle stimulating hormone level was 3.9iu/L
My Free testosterone was 235 pmol/L(calculated) my SHBG level was 23 nmol/L my prolactin was 99mlU/L so at first glance every doctor would say its ok as it is in the range I know that
I spend the last few weeks reading everything from books to forums etc.I know a lot of things related to the topic.
But I am very young man and to recent was very active (martial arts.weight training) train 3 times a week giving my self plenty of recovery time the right nutrient (eat loads of veg, fruit , good protein, sleep 8h a day) but no mater what i do I cant build any muscle despite my broad knowledge and the effort in training.
My doctor dose not want to give me a reference to endocrinologist as I am fine in that department.I have red the suggested approach to TRT and It states that the range that they aim fore T lvl of 15 nmol/L if TRT is advised.
So if i have low ranges of 8.7-9.8 (tested in the morning 10;00) why was i refused treatment i am aware of all the risks and consequences if I go with TRT but i am suffering.
My mood is at a all time low I am week ,fatigued lost interest in martial art training and weights and all of my other hobbies.
My doctor told me that i am depressed and gave me a prescription fore some SSRI.
I cried in his office as i was so frustrated,he thinks that my depression may be the cause of low libido and low test.And i know with my whole body that if i have a depression then the cause of it would be low T.I know that there is a lot of things that course low T( diet ,stress 'lifestyle,sleep etc)
I live with my wife and 5 year old and want to be a normal father and husband again.
I wold go to self medicating( steroid use to mimic TRT) if i have to as I am falling apart.
I also have Bupa med insurance if that is any good and can ford the treatment if granted.
I beg any one pls help me.
Hi. Have you had your thyroid function and cortisol levels checked?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How would that be indicated on the blood test as i am not hat familiar with the medical terminology.

T3, T4, TSH for the thyroid. Cortisol would just say serum cortisol Lucas
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I cant find it in the blood results so that means no

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No there is nothing there

OK Lucas. First off those need to be checked before a diagnosis of depression can be made. At this point your symptoms don't match with your testosterone levels and I personally would not supplement them with testosterone cream or injections. I know you want to think with all your heart that the problem is your testosterone but at this point I just don't think it is and any ethical doctor would not treat you with testosterone because of the health risks it would subject you to since you don't have a significantly low testosterone problem. We can continue the conversation if you need more information.
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