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I am worried because I have just started Puppy Training for

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I am worried because I have just started Puppy Training for the Guide Dogs for the Blind. He bites me a lot and draws blood through playing, my GP has said I should get a Tetanus Jab and maybe have some antibiotics. I had Chemotherapy two years ago for Breast Cancer, and I am on Letrozole now, would this affect my medication if I have a tetanus jab? Also I have OCD and I am worried because after a bite in the morning I went down to a pet shop and put my arm into a bin of soft toys and one of them had something wet on it, and I am panicking it may have been someone else's blood, and I could get HIV, I don't know because I pulled my arm out and wipe it without looking. Also if my pup nibbles someone else and them bites me can I catch HIV. I asked my GP and he said I would have to go to a sexual clinic to get tested because I did mention I was a Dental Nurse nearly 20 years ago and had needle stick injuries and though nothing of it, I have had my daughter since then. Lloyds Parmacy do HIV testing kits which I can send for, but my GP says they are not accurate, why would they sell them? Can you understand that I do not want to go to a Sexual Clinic as I have had Cancer twice and many other things and this would be just too much for me
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
Thanks for these questions. Let's take them one by one
1)Yes to a tetanus jab and no to antibiotics unless you have an active infection.
2)No this would not affect your medication
3)There is no way you would get HIV like this. Even a needle jab from an HIV infected person has only 3/1000 risk of infecting. So no risk here
4)no you cannot get HIV through a puppy bite
5)yes, the sendaway HIV kits ARE accurate
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you so even if I had put my hand where there was maybe blood and I got a fresh bite on my arm I would be OK and not have HIV? Is a blood test or saliva testing kit the best? Sorry I am a worrier but I have so much medical tests and scans going on at the moment, I just don't want another worry like HIV. I don't think I could cope with that as well as Cancer.
That is correct.
HIV would not enter your body this way.
The blood kit is the best.
I understand you are worried Jane. I hope my answers help you feel better.
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I appreciate the excellent rating.

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