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My wife is restricted to bed following a stroke 8 years ago.

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My wife is restricted to bed following a stroke 8 years ago. About four weeks ago, her right knee became painful and swollen but she is too infirmed to get an x-ray.
The knee is painful on local pressure; still swollen to about twice the size of the opposite
knee. I should simply like to have a list of possible causes. She is very osteoporotic.
Could this be due to a spontaneous fracture?
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Dr. David :

I am sorry about your wife's knee

Dr. David :

the swelling can be due to gout or arthritis or infection or synovial cyst

Dr. David :

she can get blood test to check her uric acid levels to check for gout.

Dr. David :

she has to get to a medical center for an xray.

Dr. David :

why did you rate poor service?

Dr. David :

I am still here to help you.

Dr. David :


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

O.K. DR David..You have not really answered my question as to the possibility of a spontaneous fracture nor given a meaningful differential diagnosis. A doctor was called in who thought that this might be rheumatism..This is unlikely as there were no generalised joint pains or fever. The swelling is largely ourside the joint anyway.

Swelling was a more significant feature than the pain itself...I realise your problem..I asked it because they have in mind getting my wife out of bed onto a hoist. I think that she is too debilitated for this.
I am not keen on your marketing method..I only wanted a 'one off' list of possibilities. Goodbye!

spontaneous fracture would be unlikely and rare in a joint.

you can have rheumatism in just one joint without fever.

the swelling in the one knee can be due to gout or arthritis of the knee joint or infection of the knee joint or synovial cyst inflammation in the knee joint.
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