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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Board Certified Physician
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Hi Dr Phil My doc says all bloods and liver good and I'm

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Hi Dr Phil
My doc says all bloods and liver good and I'm starting to relax these days mark here the anxious one !! You have reassured me many times
I had root canal today on a molar.
There was a small painful infection under the tooth great dentist all done. Will my 3.89 white blood cell count be fine to heal it up ??
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Dr. David :

yes, your WBC count will be enough for your tooth to heal up

Customer: Wow high Dr David. Did you get the question
Dr. David :

because Dr. Phil is not online right now.

Customer: So normal all ok nothing to worry about
Customer: it will heal ok like anyone else ?
Dr. David :

yes, you should heal normally.

Dr. David :

you don't have to worry about your WBC count.

Customer: Thanks am I guessing that just because mine is low normal not mid range it will rise to mid range when I get sick ie Work fine. ?
Dr. David :

yes, your bone marrow takes care of this.

Dr. David :

don't worry.

Customer: My platelet count is 168 and my red cells and iron mid range. Just trying to understand why Google says low wbc is this and that my doc says the same as you ?
Dr. David :

because google doesn't have a license to practice medicine.

Customer: It's normal
Customer: Very true sir
Customer: So I'm normal and fit and that's fine at 3.68 for any illness ?
Dr. David :

yes, you are normal.

Dr. David :

that is fine for any illness

Dr. David :

your bone marrow and immune system will adjust as needed

Customer: So I'm guessing if it went low ie 2 or something and didn't go back up that's what Google means mine goes from 3 to 4.5 all the time
Customer: And therefore sits low normal ?
Dr. David :

yes, it is fine at your level

Customer: Last thing can I have a glass of red wine now and relax !!!! I have amoxicillin. That's safe isn't it ?
Dr. David :

yes, you can relax

Customer: wine with amoxicillin ok ?
Dr. David :

you really should avoid that if you are on amoxicillin for now

Dr. David :

until you get off of it.

Customer: Dentist said yes. Good evening sir. Il mark you excellent , until next time. Farewell and thanks for the info on wbc
Customer: I have it and trust it now
Dr. David :

you are welcome

Dr. David :

good luck

Dr. David :

thanks for using

Customer: Do I need luck ?? Lol lol you know that would panic me
Customer: If you said that. Il buy you dinner next time I'm in the states
Dr. David :

you don't need any luck

Dr. David :

you will be fine.

Customer: Lol. I'm getting better. I think. !!! Thanks again.
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