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Dr. Chip
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Hi My dad who is 51 years of age, is and has been very unwell

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My dad who is 51 years of age, is and has been very unwell for a while now. He is experiencing; a constant cough - to which he coughs up mucus and so much so that he can't sleep, wheezing, headaches, blurred vision, aching bones, general feeling of unwellness and an unintentional weight loss. He has been going to the doctor about this for a few months now and has been referred to a specialist at the hospital which found he has a form of fungus deep down in the back of his throat and into his lungs. He was put on a strong form of medication for a period of time to clear it and it didn't even touch the sides (so to speak). To which amazed the doctors. His symptoms have begun to worsen over time and we are desperately trying to seek possible answers. My dad has always been very active and he actually works as an outdoor head instructor at a residential school. He is always in the woods and also in the water as he enjoys watersports. My line of thought is a possible case of Aspergillosis? Any ideas would be very grateful! Thanks
Hi. Was his sputum cultured and was the fungus identified? What was the medication he was treated with?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The fungus has not been identified and I can't remember the name of the medication they tried him on. I only know it was an extremely strong medication that they put him on for an allotted amount of time due to the strength. It was an antifungal medication is all I know

OK Kerry. How was a fungal infection diagnosed then--just by a chest x-ray?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They took a look down back of throat with a camera and it was apparent on the surface and also down windpipe and scarring on lungs. He's also had numerous chest x-rays, blood tests and a small sample taken from back of throat. Their thoughts so far are that it looks like a type of fungus associated with the outdoors.

OK Kerry. We can continue after this but this sounds to be like aspergillosis since that would be the most common fungal lung infection in the UK. Usually the sputum cultures and biopsies from the bronchoscopy along with the chest x-ray would diagnose this. The usual treatment is a drug called amphotericin B but there is a newer medication called voriconazole which is more effective and has less side effects. At this point all I can say is that he should be under the care of an infectious disease specialist.
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