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Hi, My 1 year old daughter was diagnosed with a heart murmur

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My 1 year old daughter was diagnosed with a heart murmur some months ago when she was at the doctors for a viral infection. She has since seen another doctor and a paediatrician who have both also confirmed the murmur. She is soon to see a cardiologist for an ultrasound to check the heart. My question is, why is she being referred? As, the doctors and the paediatrician have all told me that she shows no symptoms of a heart defect, seems very happy and healthy and they are not worried about her, but everything I read says that if it is an innocent murmur (as they are all supposedly certain it is), then she wouldn't be being referred to a specialist. Is there something I'm not being told or is this normal procedure for a 1 year old? Thank you in advance.
Hello from JustAnswer.

There are certain murmurs in infants that are clearly benign, certain murmurs that are clearly serious, and some murmurs that are in-between. The majority of the infants in this third group are ultimately found to not have a serious problem.

The first group routinely are not referred for further evaluation, while the latter two groups routinely are referred for further evaluation. However, when an infant in the third group are referred, the doctors will frequently say that think that it is benign, but that further evaluation is appropriate.

In your daughter’s case,with the assurances offered by her doctors, it sounds like she is in the third group, so further evaluation is warranted, but she will likely not have a serious issue identified.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
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