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evening, this question is in relation to my

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this question is in relation to my mother I'll try to provide as much information as possible.
subject is female, date of birth 15/08/1938
pain appeared on the left lower back round about the last week of Sept, with a small lump (knuckle size lump) the important fact to mention is that the lower left side pain gets worse when sitting or if she lie in bed when going to bed. the really strange part is that the pain its not so bad when she stands or moves about.
visit to the GP, she was visited, and the GP advised that it was a muscular issue. also advised to do bloods and urine test. and prescribed pain killers, to be taken with paracetamol 4 times per day.
the blood tests and urine showed a bladder infection which was treated promptly with 3 days of Antibiotics, on the last day of the course of antibiotics she felt sick with vomiting and had diarrhoea, she was taken to A&E, where she given fluids and further bloods and urine tests had been done, urine came back negative, but blood showed liver was a little high.
no one in the A&E looked or dealt with the side pain and lump on her lower left side they didn't even ask any questions which is astonishing to say the list. She was given fluids and anti vomiting tablets and sent home.
once home the following day she was back at the GP surgery to again seek medical care, the vomiting had stopped but the pain and lump are still there. so she was sent to hospital to do a set of x-rays front and lower back. the GP said that there was nothing sinister about it and again pointed to a muscular problem. she was advised to continue with the pain killers the paracetamols and also she was given a cream to put on her back to relieve the pain. When the medication is taken (every 4 hours) the pain subsides but its punctually back. We have asked the Dr could this be Cancer of the pancreas? a kidney stone? a kidney infection? the view articulated was none of the above. but the GP was baffled, since the pain subsides when standing up and gets worse when sitting or laying in bed.
So again 4th trip to the GP surgery asking again the question "what is it?" the Dr advised to perform an ultra sound, which is to take place this week on Friday. Only because I said to her GP that I was willing to pay for the scan to be done privately. so we are getting this done.the ultrasound arranged is for her back and also the front. possibly looking at the liver.
also a further set of blood tests have been done specifically looking at the liver since values are a little high - could these high value be due to the fact that at the moment she's taking pain killers every 4 hours? this is the case for the past 3 weeks. one last detail is that the stool is now a yellow as well (at list today)
this is the whole back ground and where we are now, my question is, what does the information listed above points to? have you come across these symptoms?
if the ultrasound comes (hopefully) back negative, what is the next step to ask for? the lump is the size of a knuckle it doesn't move but touching it causes pain.
I really don't think that this could be a muscular issues (I would love to believe that) the pain is very confined to the lower left back and the lump is at the kidney level.
if I'm not happy with the suggestion given by the GP for my Mum. Which specialist should I contact to get an appointment and to get to the bottom of this.
Thank you
Hi. Is this bump movable or fixed? Is all her pain centered just there where the bump is?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the bump is fixed and the pain centered where the bump is

OK Alex. Is the bump in the soft tissue or does it appear to be fixed to the bone of a rib or to the spine or pelvis?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

its not fixed to any bones, pelvis or spine, if you run your hand over it you feel a bump which is deep in the skin

OK Alex. This is most likely a lipoma--a benign fatty tumor that can be very sore and cause a lot of pain. It isn't serious but obviously in her case it's causing a lot of discomfort. Not a kidney stone and not related at all to her abdominal organs like her pancreas or liver. She needs to see a general surgeon and since this is so small it can be totally excised under local anesthesia.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so will this lipoma be visible during the ultrasound? also why is the local GP not mentioning this? because he keeps on going on about a muscular pain.

I'm based in the UK, you mention a general surgeon, is there a specific specialist that deals with this type of things? I don't think that we have general surgeons, or maybe we do and I don't know.

I should be visible on an ultrasound but an MRI or ct scan would more likely detect it. I can't speak for the GP--perhaps he's never seen a lipoma before. You do have general surgeons in the UK and they are called that. Her doctor can refer her to one.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello, not sure if this is going to be classed as second question here or not, but i just wanted to add further information and possibly get more advise. as mentioned in the main body of the question, an indepth ultrasound was done not only on the back but also to front. So the whole of the lower abdomen and lower back. the Radiographer said that all looks normal, but the pain on the lower left side persists. we are really baffled here. The lump was classed as scar tissue and not playing a part on the lower back pain. the GP continues to say that its muscle related. i just can't put into words the frustration, i mean pleased that the xrays are not showing anything, please that the indepth ultrasound also shows nothing, the usine tests are clean, no blood or darken colours no pain when passing water or difficulties, the stool is ok too no blood or any pale or dark colours. the blood tests have shown that the ALT & AST levels are slightly raised but that could be because at the moment she's taking pain killers and paracetamols every 4 hrs. This left lower back pain continues to affict my mother. what is the next step? an MRI? its incredible that the DR looks baffled but he's not exactly making or suggesting any actions, i'm almost putting words in his mouth.

Hi. Can you tell me exactly what the ultrasound report said?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well please bear in mind that i'm not a radiographer here, but i asked the following question:

any abnormalities - response was "no"

is there anything that its out of the ordinary response was again "no"

he checked all the organs and again nothing was abnormal

as far as he was concerned the scan showed nothing abosolutly nothing. all was deamed as "normal"

hope this helps, but again please bear in mind that i'm not a radiographer here.

But Alex did you actually see the report? Did the radiologist say the lump was scar tissue?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i didn't see the report, he just pointed to and said that the lump is scar tissue and not connected to the back pain

OK Alex. Yes the next step would be an MRI to more clearly define this lump that I think the doctor is very inappropriately dismissing
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok, but can i ask i mean, with the checks done thus far, can we eliminate life threatning illnesses?
surely if there was something that we should be concern about it would of come out in the xrays, ultrasound, blood tests and urine tests

Yes--nothing threatening here Alex--just an annoying benign lump