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For the past three months my periods have lasted no more than

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For the past three months my periods have lasted no more than one day and have been getting progressively lighter. The first one three months ago started a week earlier than expected and lasted one day of very light bleeding with light spotting for four days; the next period came around a day late with very light bleeding for less than a day and spotting for three days and much lighter; the last period I suffered was two days late and so light that I barley needed any protection and lasted less than a day again with just one or two very light spots the next day. I have been to see two different doctors and both have shrugged me off. I have taken pregnancy tests all have come back negative. I really need help!


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In order to help you find an answer, could you please answer following;

Any history of recent weight gain and how much you weigh?

Any history of excessive hair growth over body?

Any familial history of diabetes?

Are you taking hormones for conception?

Any history of milky discharge from breast?

Are you taking any medicine for any medical disorder?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I am overweight and have always had problems with my weight. My weight has increased since the first strange period, I have gained almost a stone.

I don't have any excessive hair growth on body.

No family history of diabetes.

Not taking any form of pills for hormones or anything.

No history of milky discharge from breast.

Just for your information I have two children and had healthy normal pregnancies and had no trouble conceiving. Only had very small spotting with second pregnancy.

Ok and thanks for your input.

Well, obesity is the most likely curlprit causing hypomenorrhea ( very light periods) in your case. Excessive fats in the body leads to hormonal imbalance which inturn causes hypomenorrhea. Other possibility could be Polycystic overy syndrome. In the current scenario you need to repeat consultation with your doctor preferablly gynea/obs doctor for detail clinical examination. You may need to go for hormonal profile, transvaginal ultrasound to reach final diagnosis. You may be started on antiobesity drugs along with weight reduction exercises and diet modification.

Thank you and Use reply to let me know if you have further questions.
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